Administrative Law Internship
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Educational Objectives

The purpose of the Administrative Law Internship program is to offer interested students an opportunity to acquire direct exposure to the practice of Administrative Law and experience in it. The program supplements the Administrative Law course and is intended as a learning laboratory in which students observe and participate in the basic Administrative Law functions of a particular state or federal administrative agency, e.g., rule-making and contested case adjudication. Once a student, with Professor Albert’s approval, chooses a state agency, the prospective supervising attorney is sent a written explanation of the program with all responsibilities enumerated. Professor Albert then communicates with the prospective supervising attorney to insure the strength and educational integrity of the internship is maintained.

Faculty Supervisor

Professor James A. Albert

Field-Placement Supervisors

Megan Tooker, Executive Director and Legal Counsel, Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board


Completion or current enrollment in the Administrative Law course.

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