Exam Rules and Procedures
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I. Before the Exams

  1. Your exam number was e-mailed to you, but is available in Room 128 and will be on your exam packet. This is the only number you should place on your exams. All students receive a new exam number each semester. Do not guess your exam number. Do not use an exam number from a previous semester.

  2. ExamSoft users must be using a laptop configured to connect to the wireless network.  Loaner laptops are not available for exams.

  3. Students who believe that they qualify for more time for exams due to ESL (English as a Second Language) language challenges, or require accommodations due to disabilities should contact Lori Richman in Room 128, 271-4511 or lori.richman@drake.edu. ADA (Americans with Disability Act) accommodations also require approval from the Student Disability Services Coordinator Michelle Laughlin at 271-1835. This must be renewed each semester. Final arrangements for all accommodations must be made 2 weeks before the beginning of the Final Examination period.

  4. If you have a known illness that prevents you from taking your exams as scheduled, you must make arrangements with Assistant Dean Hennan prior to the exam period, 271-2955 or email him at bill.hennan@drake.edu. A doctor's excuse will be required before exams will be rescheduled.

II. General Instructions

  1. NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES (other than your exam computer) (loaner laptopsare not available during exams) MAY BE USED. No device capable of recording, transmitting, or otherwise interfering with the exam may be used, e.g. cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, cameras, digital or tape recorders, smart watches or any similar devices.

  2. Because of the possibility of information being accessible through earphones, no personal stereos or earphones will be allowed during any exam.

  3. When taking a exam, backpacks, book bags, purses or scratch paper (other than that provided), may NOT be at the table with you during the exam. These must be left in your locker or to the front of the exam room. Students may not begin to write anything, even on scratch paper, before an exam begins.

  4. Exam supplies such as scratch paper and BlueBooks for hand writers, are provided in the exam rooms.

  5. If you have an emergency that requires you to make or receive a telephone call or message during the exam, contact Assistant Dean Hennan or Dean Lain in the Exam Center, Room 202 in Cartwright Hall. Incoming emergency calls should be made to 271-1912 (Exam Center), or email Assistant Dean Hennan bill.hennan@drake.edu.

  6. To preserve exam anonymity, at no time should a student inform a professor of a problem related to the taking of an exam. If you have any exam administration issues you wish to discuss, including serious illness or death in the family, please contact Assistant Deans Hennan or Lain, office located in Room 128 or Exam Center, Room 202. Exam Center phone 271-1912.

  7. All students are bound by the HONOR CODE. Because the student body polices itself, it is imperative that all students review the Honor Code.  Camera proctoring will be used to monitor and record exam sessions.

  8. Laptops: All students taking an in-school exam on a laptop must use ExamSoft software. For instructions on installing SofTest click here.  Loaner laptops are not available during exams.

III. Exam Procedures

In order to provide the best possible exam environment for students, and ensure the integrity of the exam process the following administrative rules are in effect. All law students are responsible for knowing and understanding the exam process rules and how they apply to their individual exam schedules.

Students are expected to arrive on time to be processed for exams. Because of the need for staff to give a uniform set of instructions to all students, the time it takes for students to receive their exams, sign in, get settled, start ExamSoft and receive technical support, students must be seated in the exam room with their exam packets at least 15 minutes before the time set for the exam to start.  Administrative staff priorities will be directed toward the majority of students who arrive on time and are seated in the exam rooms awaiting exam instructions and technical support for ExamSoft.

  1. FLEX EXAMS- Unscheduled (Flex) exams may be taken on any day and time designated as “FLEX” on the exam schedule. No advance notice is required. All unscheduled exams are ready for students beginning on the first flex day of exams.

  2. EXAMINATION DISTRIBUTION PROCEDURE/TIME - In order to allow sufficient time for processing, students must pick up exam packets in Exam Center, Room 202, during the 30 minutes allocated as the distribution time.

    Late Arrival - Students taking a flex exam who are not in line in the Exam Center, Room 202, by 7:45 a.m. for morning exams or 1:15 p.m. for afternoon exams are considered late.  (Note that exam distribution ends 15 minutes before the exam start time and that exams will start on time.)

    FLEX Exams - Students taking a flex exam who are not in line in the Exam Center, Room 202, by 7:45 a.m. for morning exams or 1:15 p.m. for afternoon exams will be asked to wait for the next flex exam session or wait until one of the Assistant Deans can process the late arriving student to join the exam in progress.

    Exam time lost in processing a tardy student will not be restored. This Exam Distribution Time Rule will be strictly enforced.

    NON-FLEX Exams - Students who are late for the distribution time for a non-flex exam - 7:45 a.m. for morning exams or 1:15 p.m. for afternoon exams or 4:45 for the Evening 1L exams - will be required to wait until after the exam begins to receive their exam. Students may be required to sit at the front of the exam room in reserved seating in order to minimize the disruption of the exam in progress.

    Exam time lost in processing a tardy student for a non-flex exam time will not be restored. This Exam Distribution Time Rule will be strictly enforced.

    Assistant Deans have the authority to vary exam procedures for students with ADA accommodations, student illness, or unforeseen circumstances such as extreme inclement weather. Foreseeable circumstances such as heavy traffic or other normal and/or seasonal driving conditions will not cause a waiver of exam rules regarding tardy students. Late students will be tracked on an attendance sheet and that history will be reviewed when determining any future accommodations.

    Questions regarding exam rules should be directed to either Assistant DeanHennan or Assistant Dean Lain.

  3. Exam Packet. During the specified Distribution Time in Room 202, students will receive exam packets containing a hard copy of exam questions. Do not open the exam envelope until instructed to do so by the Exam Administrator. The outside of the exam envelope bears a label with course title, professor name, your exam number and length of exam. A sign out sheet is attached. Verify that the exam number on the exam packet is yours by signing the sheet; fill in other information as indicated, including your current phone number, such as cell phone number, to be used if we must reach you because of a problem with your exam (e.g. your exam did not upload, your exam file will not print or some part of the exam was not returned). Remove the sign out sheet from the envelope and return it to the Exam Administrator.

Exam Rooms:

  1. Flex Exams: Once you receive your exam packet immediately proceed to the designated exam room. Exam rooms will have been preassigned, according to the length of the exam, as indicated on the television outside Room 202. Length of exam is located on your envelope label. Do not leave the 2nd floor of Cartwright Hall. Students must take flex exams only in rooms to which they have been assigned by the Dean’s Office.

  2. 2L & 3L Scheduled Exams: Once you receive your exam packet immediately proceed to the exam room designated by the administrator. Do not leave the 2nd floor of Cartwright Hall. 

  3. 1L Scheduled Exams: Once you receive your exam packet immediately proceed to the exam room designated. Exam rooms will have been preassigned and listed on the television outside Room 202.  Do not leave the 2nd floor of Cartwright Hall.

Exam instructions

  1. The Exam Administrator will start general instructions 5 minutes before the exam start time. Students must be in the exam room with their exam at this time.

  2. The Exam Administrator will instruct students open your packet, read exam instructions and write your exam number (always use the number printed on the envelope label) on the cover page of your exam questions, on all Blue Books, and any scratch paper turned part of your exam. Handwritten exam answers must be written in blue or black ink. Number the Blue Books you use (1 of 1,1 of 2, 2 of 2, etc.) If taking the exam on a laptop, it must be booted up and displaying the SofTest screen with the red stop signs.

  3. Multiple Choice Questions will be answered using ExamSoft, unless otherwise instructed by the exam administrator. There will be written instructions to assist you. Writers will write answers directly on the exam itself unless instructed otherwise from your professor.

  4. Hand writers must not have a laptop with them in an exam room.

  5. IMPORTANT: Students who delayed entering the exam room until after the Exam Administrator has begun instructions should not interrupt the Exam Administrator or other students.

Start of an Exam

  1. The Exam Administrator will leave the room after the exam has been officially started. Any student who has a question or problem during an exam should go to the Exam Center, Room 202.

  2. Students may go to the restroom or take a break during an exam; however, all exam materials must be left in the exam room. Laptop users should also click “View” and “Hide Screen” when leaving your seat. The clock keeps ticking during breaks – there is no adjusted length of time.

End of an Exam

  1. If you finish your exam before time is called, place your envelope containing your exam questions and answers (e.g. Blue Books for hand writers) in the box labeled “Completed Exams”, located in the front of the room. ExamSoft users must completely exit the exam and verify the upload before putting the exam envelope in the designated box.

  2. When time has been called, you must stop writing/typing your answer, even if you are in the middle of a sentence. Failure to stop writing when time is called can result in penalties, including a failing grade for the course, and possibly an Honor Code investigation and sanctions. Put your exam questions and answers nad scratch paper (e.g. Blue Books for hand writers and scratch paper) inside your envelope and close it. If you are an ExamSoft user, you must completely exit the exam before putting your exam envelope in the box labeled "Completed Exams".  ExamSoft users must verify the upload.

  3. After placing your exam in the designated box, please leave the area quickly and quietly. Students who are still taking exams deserve your consideration.

IV. Take-Home Exams

  1. Take-home exams are distributed in room 128.

  2. Follow the Professor's Instructions.

  3. Return exam envelope to room 128.

V. Make up Examinations

Permission to take a final exam on a date, or at a time, other than scheduled shall be granted only in the following circumstances:

  1. Where illness to the student prevents taking the exam at the scheduled time and certification from a doctor is presented;

  2. Where the student has two exams scheduled at the same time or has two exams on the same day*;

  3. Where the student has final exams on three or more consecutive days*;

  4. Where taking an exam on a particular day conflicts with a religious obligation of the student*; or

  5. In the discretion of the Dean's office for extraordinary circumstances. (Air or other transportation scheduling concerns shall not constitute extraordinary circumstances). Students shall apply for permission to make up an exam by contacting Dean Hennan or Dean Lain.

*Note: A student who elects to request a make-up exam under provisions (2), (3) or (4) above will be required to take the make-up exam on a scheduled make-up day selected by the Assistant Dean. If taking the exam on the make-up day causes the student to have exams on three (3) or more consecutive days, provision (3) above will not be a valid basis for rescheduling one of those exams.

Exemptions(1) and (5):
When exemptions are granted under provisions (1) or (5) above, the Assistant Dean shall schedule make-up exams as soon as practicable after the regular exam session.

Exemptions (2), (3), OR (4):
Exemption requests under provisions (2), (3) or (4) above shall be filed at least three (3) weeks before the exam period starts each semester.

Make up Schedule

During the fall and spring semesters, make-up exams, are scheduled at the discretion of the Assistant Dean.

Order of Make-up Exams

Where two course exams are to be held the same day or at the same time, students who have a conflict will take the exam with the higher course number as their make-up exam at a date to be fixed by the Assistant Dean. Where the student has final exams scheduled on three or more consecutive days, the second exam in the series will be taken as the make-up exam. Every effort will be made to schedule all students taking the same make-up exam at the same time.

Early Examinations

No final exams may be distributed to a class (take home exams) prior to the first day of the final examination period.

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