Insurance Law Internship
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Educational Objectives

The purpose of the Insurance Law Internship is to offer interested students an opportunity to acquire direct exposure to legal issues in the insurance industry. Students serve as interns with attorneys in the Insurance Division of the Iowa Department of Commerce. Specifically, students are assigned to work under supervision of attorneys in the Enforcement and Market Regulation Bureau (formerly the Legal and Consumer Affairs Division) of the Iowa Insurance Division. The internship experience immerses students in the administrative law processes through which state regulators develop regulations for the protection of insurance consumers and conduct enforcement actions against licensed insurers and agents. Students participate in such varied activities as administrative decisions, enforcement actions, and development of public policy.

These purposes are outlined in the Insurance Law Internship course description, a copy of which is provided to students and field-placement supervisors at the Insurance Division. In addition, and with respect to each student intern who registers for the internship, the field-placement supervisor, Jim Mumford, executes a program agreement pursuant to which he agrees to supervise the intern and “to ensure that the internship experience…includes exposure to the broadest possible range of appropriate legal work of the Insurance Division. This legal work may include, but need not be limited to: 1) Attendance at administrative hearings; 2) Preparation of legal memoranda; and 3) Preparation of legal documents.” The purpose of these communications and the program agreement are to insure that there is work of sufficient quantity and quality for students.

Faculty Supervisor

Professor Matthew Doré is the full-time faculty member/supervisor.

Field-Placement Supervisors

• James R. Mumford, Insurance Division, Iowa Dept. of Commerce


Permission of the supervising professor, with preference to students with either experience in the insurance industry or completion of Insurance Law.

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