Juvenile Court Internship
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Educational Objectives

The objectives of the Juvenile Court Internship are to educate students in juvenile law and procedure, to help them understand how judges decide these types of cases, to expose students to the realities of the people who find themselves subject to juvenile court jurisdiction, to teach students good practice in this area of the law, to help students understand ethical issues, and to encourage students to think about juvenile law policy and reform. These goals are communicated to students during the first meeting with the supervising professor. Judge Cohen is familiar with these objectives through many years of work on the internship with the supervising professor.

Faculty Supervisor

Dean Andrea Charlow

Field-Placement Supervisors

Judge Constance Cohen, Associate Juvenile Judge, Fifth Judicial District of Iowa, Polk County Courthouse 500 Mulberry, Des Moines, Iowa 50309-4241, (515) 286-3037

Other juvenile court judges have supervised students in this internship as well. Cohen occasionally assigns other judges when there are more interns than she can supervise effectively. Those judges have included Judge Colin Witt, Judge Louise Jacobs, and Judge Rachel Seymour. Their address is the same as the one listed above.


There are no prerequisites for this class, although students who have not taken Children & the Law are required to attend a special orientation session with the supervising professor to learn some of the basics of juvenile law and procedure.

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