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LL.M. for International Students

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The LL.M. in Individualized Legal Studies Program at Drake Law School is designed for internationally educated lawyers who wish to enhance their understanding of the American legal system. Students completing the program may also choose to apply to take the U.S. bar examination in certain states. The LL.M. curriculum is flexible enough to allow students to explore individual interests while providing a rigorous introduction to the American legal system.

Curriculum (24 credits)

LL.M. students combine required courses and electives to create an individual academic program designed to meet their academic and professional goals. The LL.M. is a 24 credit program. Required courses include:

LL.M. Summer Institute:

  • Legal Research and Writing for LL.M. Students (2 credits)
  • Introduction to American Law and Legal Education (1 credit)
  • Legal English

Practical Skills and Writing Requirement:

  • LL.M. students will write a paper under the supervision of a full-time member of the Drake law faculty.
  • Students will meet the experiential training requirement by participating in one of the law school’s internship programs or through an independent internship designed for them.
The skills and writing requirement may be waived by the Director based on an assessment of student abilities and interests.

Additional Course Work:

The remaining credits can be devoted to a specialized area of study of the student’s choice, or the student may pursue one of several areas of concentration, such as:
  • Business Law
  • Human Rights and Global Citizenship
  • Sustainable Development
For more information on the LL.M program, including rules and a program overview, click here.

International Student Support

Students at Drake Law School have full access to the university's International Center, which is dedicated to serving the needs of international students. The Office coordinates visa paperwork, and runs an international student orientation providing students an opportunity to connect with other international students outside of the law school.

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