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This course provides an intensive introduction to the real world of criminal law practice. A Drake Law professor will be the primary instructor, but prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers will also provide instruction and will be integral to the course. The course will focus on: the kinds of charges young lawyers most often prosecute or defend—assaults, driving while intoxicated, drug and weapons possession, criminal mischief, theft, etc.—as well as common defenses to those charges; sentencing, appeals, and post-conviction remedies; ethics issues particular to criminal cases; the nuts-and-bolts job duties and business practices of criminal law practitioners; step-by-step analysis of the process of a case through the criminal justice system from both the prosecutorial and defense standpoints; systemic issues such as gang-related crime and white collar crime; and other practical matters as deemed appropriate by the instructors.


Technology and innovation have facilitated significant changes in business and community paradigms. Emerging issues created by the advent of things like social media, virtual worlds, 3-D printing, and digital assets have raised novel legal questions that, in many instances, have not been well-anticipated by existing legal structures. The proposed interactive course will explore a broad range of matters related to innovation, Internet ubiquity, and how the law either facilitates or hinders advancement. Course coverage will include topics like digital discovery, domain names, information security, access to technology, virtual worlds, privacy, social networking, e-commerce, 3-D printing, and biotechnology and bioscience. The course’s content will be updated as issues emerge. There are no prerequisites for this course and a technical background is not required.

*This course is offered online at the time indicated on the schedule. Students will be able to access the class online from outside of the law school after the first day, but they must be online and participating each week at the time indicated.*

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