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The nonprofit sector in the United States is significant in its breadth—including but not limited to health care and services, education, religion, and “charitable” organizations—and growing.  Research indicates that in 2008 more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations were registered with the IRS, the largest category (more than 60%)  of which were recognized as tax-exempt.  The latter accounted for 75% of nonprofit revenues, or nearly $1.5 trillion, and 60% of nonprofit assets, or $2.6 trillion in assets.

Only offered every other year, Nonprofit Organizations is a survey course addressing organizational and operational issues and policies and selected matters of taxation.   A detailed course description can be found here.

This course includes a strong professional skills component.  An assigned problem will require each student to prepare or draft (1) articles or organization and (2) bylaws for a nonprofit corporation, (3) an advisory letter to the client and (4) a memorandum to the board on its duties, (5) three board policies for a Board Policy Manual separate from the bylaws, and (6) various portions of IRS Form 1023, applying for recognition as a tax exempt organization.   These will represent 40% of the grade in the course.  There will be a two-hour final examination (60%).

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