Polk County Prosecutor Internship
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Educational Objectives

This internship familiarizes students with the prosecutorial system and provides opportunities for the development of general and criminal prosecution litigation skills as interns participate in pretrial and post-trial hearings, witness interviews and preparation, misdemeanor trials, and juvenile court proceedings. Students are given a copy of the internship policies and procedures, containing the expectations and objectives for the internship, at the beginning of the semester. The supervising professor communicates this information to field-placement supervisors through face-to-face, telephone and email contacts.

Faculty Supervisor

This internship was supervised by Professor James Adams for many years until his retirement after the fall term 2010. The internship was supervised for spring term 2011 by Professor David McCord. Professor Jurs took over supervision of the internship as of the 2011-12 academic year.

Field-Placement Supervisors

  • Steve Foritano, Polk County Attorney’s Office, Midland Building
  • Jessica Tucker, Polk County Attorney’s Office, Midland Building


Students must qualify under Iowa Supreme Court Rule 31.15 for in-court student practice before participating in the program. Rule 31.15 requires students to be part of a law school approved program and have completed one-half of their law school credits. Because Evidence is a required course in the student’s second year, virtually all participating students have completed Law 113 (Evidence) before embarking on an internship.  Law 236, (Criminal Procedure I) is also a prerequisite.

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