Probate Court Internship
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Educational Objectives

The objectives are to enable students to experience how probate, trust, guardianship, and conservatorship matters occur in actual practice and give the students some familiarity with practice and procedure in these areas. Students are provided with these objectives through pre-registration meetings with the supervising professor and the course description in the catalog, which states: “Students work with the associate probate judge of Polk County on both uncontested and contested matters, including will constructions, extraordinary fee requests, guardianships, conservatorships and other matters.” Although it is not assured that every kind of matter will come before the Probate Court during the internship, the judge provides the broadest exposure possible within the confines of the cases before her. When the internship was created, the supervising professor had several meetings with Judge Klotz discussing what the experience would be like and how she would supervise it. Through his meetings with students during the internship, the supervising professor keeps abreast of the methods used by Judge Klotz to insure that learning is occurring and that the internship is familiarizing the students with the procedure and substance of matters occurring in the probate, guardianship and conservatorship areas.

Faculty Supervisor

Professor Martin Begleiter provides supervision.

Field-Placement Supervisors

The Probate Internship is supervised by Polk County Associate Probate Judge Ruth B. Klotz. Her address is: Hon. Ruth B. Klotz, Associate Probate Judge, Fifth Judicial District, Polk County Courthouse, 500 Mulberry St., Des Moines, IA 50309-4328, (515) 286-3845


Students are required to have completed Wills and Trusts before beginning the internship.

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