Registration Instructions
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  1. Login to blueView
  2. Enter your 9-digit Drake ID and your Password
  3. Select the "Student Services" tab
  4. On the Student Services page, locate the "Registration Tools" box
  5. Select "Look Up Classes"
  6. Select "Law Fall 2016" 
  7. Select "Law" as subject, then select "Class Search Button"
  8. Check the box beside the classes you wish to register
  9. Select the "Register" button at the bottom of the page
A new screen will appear indicating the classes for which you are registered. If a red stop sign appears at the bottom of the page, there has been a registration error and you are not registered for that class. Try again. If you continue to have trouble registering contact Lori Richman, 515-271-4511 or Dean Hennan , 515-271-2955, or Amy Cutler, 515-271-2824, then push 3.  We will also be in room 128.
Special registration forms must be submitted to 128- electronic forms will not be accepted.

Class Schedule Worksheet

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