Required Courses
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First Semester - Fall

Second Semester - Spring

Third Semester - Fall

Third or Fourth Semester - Fall or Spring

Skills Requirement

Students who started before Summer of 2015 must take two credits of skills courses prior to graduation. Students who started in or after Summer of 2015 must take six credits of skills courses prior to graduation.  Refer to graduation requirements for current list of skills courses

A student may not count one course towards both the skills requirement and the advanced writing requirement (Handbook Rule 5.2.2)

Advanced Writing Requirement

Each student is required to complete an Advanced Writing Requirement course prior to graduation. To earn credit for the Advanced Writing Requirement, a student must register for both the base course as well as the Advanced Writing course. (i.e. Civil Rights #240 & Civil Rights Advanced Writing #240W.)

Click here for a summary of graduation requirements.

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