United States Attorney's Off ice Internship
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Educational Objectives

The purpose of the United States Attorney’s Office Internship is to offer students an opportunity to participate in the development, preparation, and litigation of federal criminal or federal government civil actions through working in the Des Moines U. S. Attorney’s Office. The experience immerses students in federal court litigation as well as the prosecutorial process. Students are given a copy of the internship policies and procedures, containing the expectations and objectives for the internship, at the beginning of the semester. The supervising professor communicates this information to field-placement supervisors through face-to-face, telephone, and email contacts.

Faculty Supervisor

Professor Andrew Jurs 

Field-Placement Supervisors

Rachel Scherle, Assistant United States Attorney, U.S Attorney’s Office


Students must qualify under Iowa Supreme Court Rule 31.15 and the Equivalent Local Rule for the U.S. Court for the Southern District of Iowa for in-court student practice before participating in the program. These rules require students to be part of a law school approved program and have completed one-half of their total law school credits, to be certified by the dean as qualified, and to be supervised by a licensed attorney in the court. Students must have completed both Evidence (LAW 113) and Criminal Procedure I (236) prior to enrollment in the internship. Trial Advocacy is listed as a preferred credential but is not absolutely necessary.

All interns must also pass a government background security check to work in the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

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