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Fall 2016

For Fall 2016, we will be using a wait list for skills courses (all sections) including: 
Contract Drafting 
Pretrial Advocacy
Trial Advocacy

What does this mean for you?

If you would like to take one of these courses and it is full, you can put yourself on the wait list in MyDUSIS during the registration process.

Directions for adding your name to the wait list:

  1. In Blueview, click the Student Services tab.
  2. In the Registration Tools channel, click the Add or Drop Classes link.
  3. On the next page, select the appropriate academic term and click the Submit button.
  4. In the Add Classes Worksheet area on the bottom of the next page, enter the CRN of the course to which you would like to be wait-listed and click the Submit Changes button.
  5. The page will refresh. The system will think that you are trying to register for the course, but it will not let you if the course is full. Therefore, it will return a registration error message that indicates that your attempt to add the class was unsuccessful. The next steps will work only when an online wait list has been enabled for the course.
  6. In the Action pull-down menu to the right of the CRN, select the "Wait Listed" option and click the Submit Changes button.
  7. The page will refresh. If there is room on the wait list and you meet all registration criteria for the course, your registration status will be displayed as "Wait Listed" followed by the date.
If a registered student drops the course, the first person on the wait list will receive a system generated e-mail, on your Drake e-mail account, notifying you that you have 24 hours to register yourself in that course. If you do not register yourself within that time period, you will lose your spot on the wait list. However, if nobody else takes the spot or if the spot opens up after August 12, you may have another chance to register for the course (see below).

The wait list will be ongoing through the registration period and until Friday, August 12.   At that time, you will no longer receive system generated e-mails about openings in courses. If you were on the wait list at any time, even if you lost your spot, we will be checking every day until classes begin to see if there are any drops. If there is a drop, everyone that was on the wait list should receive an e-mail notifying them of an opening in the course. The first one to respond to the e-mail, will be put in the course.

Please note that there have been issues with the automated waitlist system in the past and we are trying new procedures. If you really want a class, it is safest to check regularly to see if a spot opens up. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. For questions, please contact Lori Richman at 515-271-4511 or lori.richman@drake.edu

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