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Administrative Law - Anderson

Book: Mashaw, Merrill, Shane, Administrative Law (6th ed.)
8/27    Read Mashaw, pp. 1-23
    skim Administrative Procedure Act, Appendix C
8/28    Read Mashaw, pp. 72-91

8/29    Read Mashaw, pp. 91-107

Syllabus will be up on TWEN

Business Associations - Dore

The Casebook for this course is: Epstein et al., Business Structures (3d. ed. West 2010). The Statutory Supplement for the course is: Klein, Ramseyer & Bainbridge, Business Associations 2014 Statutes and Rules (hereafter “Statutory Supplement”). Both are in the SBA Bookstore.

Note: I have used this same book since 2010, so check with folks who took BA from me in prior years if you want to buy a used copy of the Casebook. Also, earlier editions of the Statutory Supplement (e.g., the 2012 or 2013 editions) are substantially the same as the current edition, so if you want to use a recent prior edition of the Statutory Supplement, that will be fine.

I have created a Business Associations course TWEN page. Once you register for BA on TWEN you’ll be able to get a copy of the Course Syllabus by looking under the Course Materials heading on the TWEN page and opening the message that attaches a copy of the Syllabus. The Syllabus includes reading assignments for the first few weeks of the semester. I’ll update the Syllabus soon with a complete listing of readings for the semester.

Note: References in the Syllabus reading assignments to “TWEN S. pp. X-X” are to a reading supplement that I have prepared and made available on the TWEN page, A/K/A the “TWEN Supplement.” You’ll need to download the TWEN Supplement from the BA TWEN page (look under the Course Materials heading).

The first week reading assignments are listed below:
- 1-11; 24-27 top Intro to the For-Profit Entity; Role of Bus. Lawyers
TWEN S. pp. 1-4 
- 31-37; 40-43 Agency Law 1
TWEN S. pp. 5-8
- 37-40 (top); 43-53 Agency Law 2
TWEN S. pp. 9-16

Civil Procedure - Section 300 - Dore

Required Texts:

(2) Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (2014) [“RULES BOOK”]; and


Assignment for Monday, August 25, 2014: A Survey of the Semester:

          Read CASEBOOK: 1-12, 56-64; RULES BOOK: xi-xiii.
          Skim U.S. Const. Art. III; 28 U.S.C. §§ 41, 133, 1331, 1332, 1333, 1337, 1391; FEDERAL RULES 3 & 4.

Syllabus: The syllabus for this semester will be soon posted on my TWEN page under Course Materials. I have also posted an article concerning “How to Prepare for Class” that may be of interest.

Civil Procedure - Section 301 - Gaughan

Note on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (pp. xiii-xv), Federal Rules 1 and 3 (p. 13), U.S. Const. Art. III (pp. 278-279), United States Code Title 28, § 41, § 44, § 48, and § 133 (pp. 293, 294, 296, 298-300)

CASEBOOK: pp. 1-12, 56-64 (Hawkins v. Masters Farms)

Constitutional Law II - Kende

First TWO Classes: Monday, August 25, 2014 & Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Read pages 729-738 and 750-764

Constitutional Law II - Schor

“Welcome back to Drake. We will begin our study of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution with economic rights. For the first week of Constitutional Law II, please read:
CH 603-606, 609-619, 623-630, 646-658. Sincerely, Professor Schor"

Contracts - Section 300 and 301 - Strassberg

August 27 Objective Theory of Contract
    1. On TWEN page for this course, under Syllabus: Read Course Information, and Syllabus for week of August 27
    2. Casebook (CB) pp. 1-17 (Do not read Section E) Just background, don’t take notes
    3. TWEN page, under Handouts: Read Briefing Handout
    4. Casebook, Ray v. Eurice: pp. 31 – 42, stop at note 5
    5. Brief Ray v. Eurice as described in the TWEN Briefing Handout
August 28 Bilateral Offers
    1. CB, Lonergan v.Skolnick, pp. 43 (starting at section 2) -47, stop after note 1
    2. p. 42, note 5
    3. Supp. Restatement (Second) of Contracts §§24 & 26, page 141
August 29 IEFAC method
    1. TWEN page, under Handouts: Read IEFAC Handout
    2. Reread Lonergan

Copyright Law - Yu

The first assignment and course information are available on the course web at:

Criminal Law - Yee

Casebook: Joshua Dressler and Steve Garvey, CRIMINAL LAW, (6th Edition)

Our first class will be on Tuesday, September 2. We will have rescheduled class sessions on Thursday, September 4 and Thursday, September 11 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. All classes will be in Room 213.

September 2: Read the Syllabus carefully before the first class and thoroughly prepare the Class Preparation Assignment for Unit 1. Both documents are accessible on TWEN.
The reading includes pages 1-18 of the casebook and Model Penal Code sections 1.12(1), and 1.13(9) which are in the Appendix.

September 4: Please read pages 29-51 of the casebook and Model Penal Code §1.02(1)-(2) which are in the Appendix. Prepare the Class Preparation Assignment for Unit 2.

Criminal Procedure I - McCord

Assignments are in Saltzburg & Capra, American Criminal Law (9th Ed.)
W 8/27— Historical background of the 4th Amendment; the “incorporation doctrine;” the exclusionary rule remedy; role of state constitutions.
652-654, 832-835, 7-16, 494-510. Group 1 (Ahlberg-Book) to be called on in class.
Important cases:
      Brown 652
      Powell 832
      Duncan 9*
      Mapp 498*

R 8/28—The requirement of a violation of a “personal Fourth Amendment right,” a/k/a “standing;” no 4th Amendment equivalent of Miranda warnings. 541-557; 462-463. Group 2 (Denning-Grove) to be called on in class.
Important cases:
      Rakas 542*
      Rawlings 547
      Carter 548*
      Schneckloth 462*

Writing assignment for Groups 1 and 2 only: Find and brief a case involving whether the person seeking to contest the search has “standing.” Be prepared to present your case succinctly in class. Indeed, as to every briefing assignment throughout the semester, you should be prepared to present your case in class.

Environmental Law -  Anderson

Book: Doremus, et al., Environmental Policy Law (6th ed. 2012)

Wed., 8/27 Introduction pp. 1-16; 22-39
Thurs. 8/28 Common Law pp. 40-58

Environmental Regulation of Agriculture - Hamilton

Class #1 Monday August 25th - pp. 1 -20 in materials, available in book store (also sent as a pdf)
Class #2 Tuesday August 26th - pp. 21 – 38

Evidence - Dore

Casebook: The text for this course is Roger C. Park & Richard D. Friedman, EVIDENCE (12th ed. 2013).

Federal Rules of Evidence: You must have a copy of the current Federal Rules of Evidence. Effective December 1, 2011, the Federal Rules of Evidence were restyled and re-written in their entirety. Appendix A to the 12th edition of your Casebook contains a copy of the restyled Federal Rules of Evidence. Appendix B to your Casebook contains the legislative history and advisory committee notes (the “Committee Notes”) to the Federal Rules. Your reading assignments include the relevant Rule(s) of Evidence, along with the applicable Committee Notes. You may find it more convenient to purchase a separate Rules book that contains both the restyled Federal Rules of Evidence and the Committee Notes together in one place.

First Reading Assignment: Although we will not discuss it in class, Chapter I, “Making the Record; Trial Objections,” contains essential background information. You should read Chapter 1, pp. 1-77, by the end of the second week of the semester. The assignment for the first day of class, Monday, August 25, 2013 is “Relevance,” pp. 79-88.

The syllabus for the remainder of the semester will be posted soon on my TWEN page for this course. The syllabus contains basic information about the course, reading assignments for the semester, and a list of Evidence Resources that includes recommended study aids and CALI exercises.

Federal Estate and Gift Tax - Begleiter

Please read pages 1-22 in Willbanks, Federal Taxation of Wealth Transfers (3d ed.).

International Agricultural Development and Law - Hamilton

Cuba Law 
Class #1 Wednesday, August 27th – Introduction to the Class - read introductory clippings in pdf
emailed to you - pp. 1 - 16

Intro to Intellectual Property - Johnson

Welcome to Introduction to Intellectual Property. I look forward to working with you this semester to develop your knowledge base of one of the most fascinating disciplines of law. For the first day (August 27, 2014), please watch the following two videos available both on YouTube and through the TWEN Course Page:
(1) "What is Intellectual Property & Why Do I Care?" available at


(2) "Everything is a Remix - The trouble with intellectual property." available at

After watching these two videos, please write a roughly one-page essay addressing the following questions:
    1. Is intellectual property protection good or bad?
    2. Does intellectual property law promote or stifle creativity and innovation?

Your essay should be double-spaced in either Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font. Thank you.

Legal Research - Edwards

Week 1 –– Aug. 25-29, 2014
1) For Monday: Read chapters 1, 2, and 5 I-III in Iowa Legal Research and the week 1 introduction on TWEN. Complete the CALI Anatomy of the Case by Thursday, Aug. 28.
2) For Friday: Read the week 2 materials on TWEN and:
          300 - Read chapter 3 II F-I in Iowa Legal Research;
          301 - Read chapter 5 III F in Iowa Legal Research.

Week 2 –– Sept. 1-5, 2014
Class does not meet on Monday, Sept. 1, Labor Day. Research Small Groups will meet on Tuesday. Legal Research class meets on Friday, Sept. 5.

Legal Writing (Groups 1 & 2) - Shelton

For first day of class, please read Slocum, Chs. 1, 2, 3, 6 and “Comparing Two Judicial Opinions.” To access the latter, sign up for our course TWEN page (Shelton, Legal Writing I & II Fall 2014 and Spring 2015) and click on the tab for “Supplemental Packet.” You will find the reading on page 2 of the packet.

Legal Writing (Groups 3 & 4) - Weresh

First Class (Aug. 26):      Reading due: Slocum, Chs. 1, 2, 6 
                                     Weresh, Ch. 1
Course Syllabus (in Weresh Supplemental Packet – available by Aug. 25 on my TWEN site)
Course Policies (in Weresh Supplemental Packet – available by Aug. 25 on my TWEN site)

NOTE: there will be a quiz on the readings on the first day of class (August 26)

Legal Writing (Group 5) - Pizzimenti

First Class (Aug. 26):      Reading due: Slocum, Chs. 1, 2, 6 
                                     Weresh, Ch. 1
Course Syllabus (in Weresh Supplemental Packet – available by Aug. 25 on my TWEN site)
Course Policies (in Weresh Supplemental Packet – available by Aug. 25 on my TWEN site)

NOTE: there will be a quiz on the readings on the first day of class (August 26)

Legislation and Legislative Process - Hamilton 

Class #1 Monday, August 25th - Introduction to Legislation - read pp. 1- 8A Hamilton and Smith
Class #2 Tuesday, August 26th - Sources of Law - Legislative Function - read pp. 9 - 18

Secured Transactions - Dore

The reading assignments appear in two books: Rusch & Sepinuck, Problems and Materials on Secured Transactions (3d ed. West 2014) (hereafter "Text") and Selected Commercial Statutes for Secured Transactions Courses (West 2014 ed.) (hereafter, "Statutory Supplement").
Note: If you took a class last year for which you purchased a recent commercial law supplement
(e.g., Sales, Negotiable Instruments, Debtor-Creditor), you may be able to use that supplement instead of the one listed above. See me with any questions. If any additional reading materials are required, I will provide them to you in class.
I have created a Secured Transactions course TWEN page. Once you register for Secured Transactions on TWEN you can get a copy of the Course Syllabus by looking under the “Syllabus” heading on the TWEN page and opening the message titled “Copy of Syllabus.” The Syllabus includes reading assignments for the entire semester.
The first two reading assignments are listed below:
For Monday, August 25 Please read pp. 1 – 23 in the Casebook. This is the first of a two-part introduction to the general topic of “debt collection.” There is a lot of information in this introduction, but do not be alarmed. We are not reading this material with the goal of learning all of the details provided, but instead to get a general background that will be helpful to understand the dynamics of a secured lending transaction. The Illustration on p. 9 references the federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), which is included in the Statutory Supplement under the Consumer Credit Protection Act heading.
For Tuesday, August 26 Please read pp. 23 - 43 in the Casebook. For Problem 1-1 (pp. 26-27 of Casebook) consider the Michigan statute only and omit Part C.

Sustainability & the Law - Rosenbloom

Welcome to Sustainability & the Law.
The assignment for the first day of class is to:
• Review the “Project Guide & Course Details” posted on TWEN. This document serves as our syllabus. We will review the Project Guide on the first day of class.
• Read Rebecca M. Bratspies, Sustainability: Can Law Meet the Challenge, 34 SUFFOLK TRANSNAT'L L. REV. 283 (2011) (edited version) posted on TWEN.
• Read Jared Diamond, Easter's End, Discover (Aug. 1995). Because we will be working closely together, we’ll introduce ourselves on the first day. Be prepared to state why you are interested in sustainability, and what experience you may have with it.
I’m looking forward to a thought provoking and productive semester.

Torts - Albert

For the first day of class please read: Prosser Casebook (12th Ed) pages 17-43.

Torts - Miller

For Monday August 25, read pages 1-16. Also, on Westlaw there is a TWEN page for the course. See Torts, Miller, Fall 2014. On the TWEN page you will find a Syllabus and a document titled “Administrative Details.” Please review all these documents, especially the “Administrative Details” document. We will discuss all of these matters at the first class.

Torts - Advanced Problems - Albert

For the first day of class please read and brief:
Vantine Studios, 373 N.W. 2d 512 (1985)
Nesler, 452 N.W. 2d 191 (1990)
Hunter, 481 N.W. 2d 510 (1992)
Revere, 595 N.W. 2d 751 (1999)

Trademark and Unfair Competition Law - Johnson

Welcome to Trademark and Unfair Competition Law. I look forward to working with you this semester to develop your knowledge base in this exciting area of law. For the first day (August 27, 2014), please read pages 13-29 in the textbook, Ginsburg, et al., Trademark and Unfair Competition Law, 4th ed.

Trial Advocacy - All Sections (Monday class) - Yee

Text: Steven Lubet, Modern Trial Advocacy: Analysis & Practice, Law School Third Edition
August 25: Please read pages 1-36. Note: This first class will meet at the Clinic in the Courtroom. The syllabus is posted on TWEN.

Wills and Trusts - Begleiter

Please read the prefaces to the first and seventh edition and pages 1 – 26 of Scoles, Halbach, Roberts and Begleiter, Problems and Materials on Decedents’ Estates and Trusts (7th ed.).
This course will meet in Room LL19.

Workers' Compensation - Miller

For the first class on Monday, August 25, read pages 1-24, and 43-54. For Tuesday’s class, read pages 61-83.

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