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Qualified students can earn an undergraduate degree and a law degree in six years rather than the usual seven. Through this program, students complete three years of full-time undergraduate study, use Law School courses to meet the balance of required undergraduate credits, and receive their bachelors degree after the first year of Law School.

How do I apply?

Students should discuss the 3+3 Program with their academic advisor at their undergraduate institution and with the Drake Law School Assistant Dean of Admission, Kara Blanchard (, 515-271-2782). Advisors will assist students to ensure that undergraduate degree requirements are met either during the first three years of full-time undergraduate study or during their first year of Law School. Participants will take the LSAT and then apply to Drake Law School during the fall of their third year. Participation in the 3+3 Program does not guarantee admission into the Law School. 

Do I have to study a specific major in order to pursue a law degree?

No. One major does not give you an advantage over another. In fact, students are encouraged to study whatever they are interested in during their undergraduate program. Any courses that are reading and writing intensive will be helpful to a future law student.

What if my plans change?

You may proceed with completing your undergraduate degree if you decide not to participate in the 3+3 Program or if you are not admitted into the Law School.

To see how the 3+3 Program works with your undergraduate school, click on the appropriate link below:

Contact Drake University Law School Office of Admission at 1-800-44-DRAKE x2824 for further information.

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