Caroline Bettis
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Caroline Bettis, LW'12
Caroline Bettis
Class of 2012
Associate Attorney
Bradshaw, Fowler, Proctor & Fairgrave, P.C.
Des Moines, Iowa
Undergraduate institution: University of Tulsa

How did Drake Law prepare you for your career?

Drake Law prepared me for my legal career in numerous ways. Most importantly, it provided me with an opportunity to learn about and explore many different areas of the legal profession and practice of law prior to graduation. Through the vast number of internships, externships, clerking experiences, and clinical opportunities I was presented with by Drake Law, I was able to get a good feel for what area of the law I wanted to practice in before I graduated.

What information would you like to share with a prospective Drake Law student?

I encourage all students to take full advantage of the endless opportunities you are presented with at Drake Law. While three years may seem like a long time at the beginning of your legal education, they go by very quickly. If you seize as many opportunities as you can while in school, you will enter your professional career with more confidence, experience, and respect for our profession.

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