Craig Drummond
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Craig Drummond, LW'04
Craig W. Drummond
Class of 2004
Drummond & Nelson 
Las Vegas, Nev.
Undergraduate institution: Drake University

How did Drake Law prepare you for your career?

The clinical programs at Drake are outstanding. In the clinical programs, the trial advocacy experience and client interaction gives a young lawyer the confidence, and more importantly the skillset, to meet with a client and then effectively advocate on their behalf. The personal interaction and relationships with the professors are life-long. I still recall when I first graduated and encountered some issues in a case involving international criminal law. I sent a few emails to some professors and the response was just what I needed.

What information would you like to share with a prospective Drake Law student?

The interaction with professors, the high caliber clinical programs, and the strong alumni base will give you the tools to succeed in law school and your career. Among my peer group, I know of few other attorneys who speak as positively about their law school experience as my fellow Drake graduates.  

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