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Hi potential Drake Law Student. My name is Tayler Haggerty and I am a law student here at Drake University Law School. Being a southern girl from Dallas, Texas I am quite familiar with “southern hospitality” but I had never heard of or even been exposed to the “Midwest nice” or “Midwest hospitality” until my move to Des Moines. Before coming to Drake Law, I completed my undergraduate degree at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas with a major in political science and minor in criminal justice.

When I told my family and friends that I was moving to Iowa to go to law school the only question that was asked was “what’s in Iowa, corn?” I had never heard of Drake Law School until I attended a law school forum where I met Dean Lain. It was at this forum that Dean Lain sold me on Drake. Through the clinics offered, the availability of professors, the collegiate camaraderie, and the wealth of resources provided to Drake Law students I was certain that Drake was where I wanted to go. I know I made the right choice because all the things that Dean Lain sold me on I have seen and experienced first-hand here at Drake Law.

My professors are available anytime that I need to meet with them; not only do I receive a deeper understanding of my course after visiting with them, but I also receive great life lessons. I am already looking forward to the spring of my second year; during this semester I will be able to participate in the Juvenile Delinquency Clinic. This clinic will allow me to get an early start in gaining the practical experience that I am going to need to be a successful attorney. The light and helpful atmosphere around the campus is so refreshing; we all want everyone to succeed. While law school, especially first year, is tough, Drake provides their students with all of the necessary resources to succeed.
I couldn’t be more satisfied with my decision to choose Drake Law School and I am certain that you will make a great addition to our close knit Drake Law family.

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