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Hi! My name is Cole Mayer. I am a student here at Drake Law School, and I am primarily interested in immigration and criminal law. I grew up about 20 minutes south of Drake in Indianola, Iowa. After high school I took an opportunity to student teach while living in Germany for a year. Following my stint in Germany, I attended the University of Northern Iowa where I double majored in history and in German.

While in college, I had whittled down my career choices between teaching and law, and ultimately I decided on pursuing a law degree. Growing up near Drake, I had heard many reviews from law school grads about their experiences while they attended Drake. The main thing I noticed is that I never heard a negative review. Additionally, out of all the campuses I visited, Drake was the most welcoming from day one. It was the totality of these factors that made my decision to go to Drake Law an easy one.

During my time at Drake Law I have worked at the Law Offices of Michael H. Said which specializes in immigration, criminal, and juvenile law.

My best experience was participating in the first year trial practicum. Our trial was a civil commitment of a sexually violent predator, which was a more eye-opening, and informative experience, than I could have imagined. Drake Law School’s commitment to preparing its students to practice law in the real world is championed by an outstanding faculty; and I know that if you make the choice to attend Drake Law you too will understand their commitment to your success in the legal community.

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