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My name is Kyle Mendenhall, and I am a law student at Drake. I grew up in Lawrence, Kansas and went to undergrad in my hometown at University of Kansas. I studied chemical engineering and participated in club sports. The decision to attend law school was influenced largely by the opportunity to combine my technical background with a legal career.

I chose Drake Law School after visiting and researching many schools in the Midwest and throughout the country. I ultimately made the decision to attend Drake because I could tell it provided the best mixture of value and opportunity for success. During my visits, the students were friendly in the hallways and prepared in the classroom. The professors were as well.

During my 1L summer, I worked as a clerk for an intellectual property boutique firm in Kansas City. It was the perfect opportunity to use both my engineering degree and legal studies in the area of patent law. It also showed me that Drake’s reputation reached beyond Iowa.

While at Drake, I have participated in moot court, Law Review, and the Intellectual Property Law Society. Classroom studies are very important, but these extra activities have added an extra dimension to my learning. My favorite moment of law school so far was, after months of preparation and writing, standing up in front of the judges at my first moot court competition and winning my oral argument.

I have enjoyed my time so far and the opportunities that Drake Law has provided for me. I look forward to my last year at Drake and seeing what other opportunities lay in store. I hope that you will schedule a visit to campus and contact me with any questions about what Drake Law has to offer!  

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