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My name is Megan Peiffer, and I am a student at Drake University Law School. I was born and raised in Oskaloosa, IA. I earned my bachelor’s degree in political science from Iowa State University. While attending college, I worked for Iowa State’s Federal Government Relations in both Washington, D.C. and in Ames, IA. Following graduation, I worked as a lobbyist for six years at the Iowa Capitol.

As a young professional, I was convinced I could accomplish all of my career goals without a law degree. Although I was successful as a lobbyist, each year in the field made it clearer that possessing a law degree would be beneficial to me in a variety of ways. It would give me an in-depth understanding of the law, valuable when continuously dealing with legislation. It would also make me more marketable, qualified, and credible to potential lobbying clients.

Once I decided to go to law school, choosing Drake was a no brainer! First, Drake focuses on teaching a practical application of the law, so I could hit the ground running when applying for clerkships or a job. Law firms know this about Drake, and it is certainly advantageous during the hiring process. Second, Drake is the place to be if you are interested in politics. The law school is uniquely located just minutes from the Iowa Capitol, providing many opportunities to get involved in state politics through a variety of internships. Des Moines is also the political epicenter during presidential election years with the Iowa caucuses, providing possibilities of once-in-a-lifetime campaign and legal internships.

When I first came to Drake I was uninterested in any area of law that wasn’t legislative. However, to my great surprise, I discovered after just one semester that I also had a passion for litigation and I wanted to be able to supplement it with my lobbying. This new passion led me to an incredible clerkship with the Des Moines law firm, Galligan and Reid, P.C., where I have continued to work since the summer of my 1L year.

Law school is no easy task, but choosing to earn my law degree from Drake has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. After each demanding day you begin to genuinely see all of the doors and windows being opened to you!  

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