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Hi. My name is Alexis Rowe and I am currently a student at Drake Law. I am originally from Topeka, Kansas (law-related reference: home of Brown v. Board of Education) and attended undergrad at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. After completing a major in psychology, I decided that a degree in social work would allow me to fulfill my goals to serve underserved populations. I graduated with an MSW from Columbia University School of Social Work.

I had always been interested in law school and law in general. However, it wasn’t until I interacted with elder lawyers and dealt with legal issues in a social work environment that the study of law seemed to be a possibility for me. I worked for five years as a social worker in an adult medical day center assisting in dementia care, advance directives, and entitlements. Every one of those issues has a legal component to it. I wanted to understand every facet of the services needed by the ever-growing population of older Americans. Law school was a natural extension of my personal goals and interests.

Drake Law was also a natural choice for me. Drake’s commitment to public service is evidenced by the presence of a public service law scholarship as well as the public service certificate program that all students are able to obtain through public service activities. Valuable and extensive public service opportunities were incredibly important to me as a social worker turned aspiring lawyer. After visiting and touring with a student ambassador, sitting in on a Civil Procedure class, and speaking with the admissions faculty, I knew that Drake Law would be the right choice for me.

Drake Law is a wonderful place for prospective law students seeking a rigorous legal education that is rooted in a collegial atmosphere. The student body is warm and enthusiastically involved in both their education as well as the school as a whole. Drake Law fosters that. Once you visit and experience the law school first hand, I am confident you will also be impressed.

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