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The Drake Law School Board of Counselors is an association of distinguished alumni and attorneys whose mission is to advance the cause of legal education, and to promote the interests and increase the usefulness of the Drake University Law School. The Board of Counselors meets on campus three times during the academic year.

Drake Law School Board of Counselors 2015-2016

Eleasalo V. Ale, LW'94, Minneapolis, Minn.
J. Steven Barnard, LW'74, Denver, Colo.
Caroline K. Bettis, LW'12, Des Moines, Iowa
Scott Brown, LW'82, Mason City, Iowa
Susan K. Bunz, LW'90, Des Moines, Iowa
Richard M. Calkins, Ex-Officio, Urbandale, Iowa
Nicholas Cooper, LW'04, Des Moines, Iowa
Victor N. Corpuz
, LW'88, Dallas, Texas
Diane G. Crookham-Johnson, LW'10, Oskaloosa, Iowa
Dick A. Davidson, LW'84, Davenport, Iowa
Philip J. De Koster, LW'10, Hull, Iowa
Rebecca Duffy, LW'11, Des Moines, Iowa
David D. Glanzman, LW'78, Chicago, Ill.
Helen M. Hall, LW'86, Kenmore, Wash.
Amos E. Hill, LW'09, Des Moines, Iowa
Maren R. Hoch, LW’07, Minneapolis, Minn. 
The Honorable John A. Jarvey, LW'81, Des Moines, Iowa
Gregory L. Kenyon, LW'78, Waukee, Iowa
Valerie Landis, LW'87, Des Moines, Iowa
Gregory Lederer, LW'77, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Sharon K. Malheiro, LW'89, Des Moines, Iowa
Steven Mauer, LW'87, Kansas City, Mo.
Dan A. Moore, LW'74, Sioux City, Iowa
Elizabeth A. Nelson, LW'80, West Des Moines, Iowa 
Alan Olson, LW'92, Des Moines, Iowa
Roland D. Peddicord, LW'62, West Des Moines, Iowa
Janet Phipps Burkhead, LW'05, Des Moines, Iowa
The Honorable S. Joseph Rubenstein, LW'75, Plymouth, Minn.
Matthew G. Sease, LW'10, Des Moines, Iowa
Michael J. Staab, LW’81, Deerfield, Ill.
Kimberly Stamatelos, LW'81, Des Moines, Iowa
Michael J. Streit, Des Moines, Iowa
Ann. R. Taylor, LW'80, Washington, D.C.
H. Raymond Terpstra, LW'81, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Melanie Thwing, LW'15, Des Moines, Iowa
Marshall Tuttle, LW'16, Des Moines, Iowa
Ben Ullem, Dean, Des Moines, Iowa
Shannon Woods, LW'03, Des Moines, Iowa
The Honorable Bruce B. Zager, LW'81, Waterloo, Iowa

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