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Creating Your ViewYou E-Portfolio

sample portfolio provides background on the E-Portfolio program and is set up to demonstrate the type of information you can include and how a portfolio may look. The videos and documents include tutorials and instructions to help you along the process. Below, you will find more information on setting up your profile.

Initial Steps

Katelyn Brees, LW'13
  1. The first step in creating your portfolio involves receiving password and log-in information from ViewYou. If you have not received that information, email the Career Development Office. First year law students will automatically receive that information from ViewYou your second semester.

  2. Once you receive the information and log in for the first time, the process is fairly easy to follow.  Until you complete your initial profile and have it approved, keep the profile status "Off".  That allows you to make edits and changes without your profile being publicly (or privately) available.

  3. Next, simply fill out the information in each section.  Keep in mind that this is an on-going process, and you will want to keep this information up-to-date over time.  Remember that for each section, you can designate it as "private" or "public". Private means that only those with your personal profile address can view the materials. If public, it is generally available to all who view the Drake Law ViewYou page.

  4. Samuel Berbano, LW'13
    You have the opportunity to upload four, 2-minute videos. The first should be a short introduction to you and your profile. It doesn't need to fill the full time Check out the sample portfolios on the main page for examples. The other videos can be clips of work you have done, presentations you have given, arguments you made, or a recording of a practice session. Anything that will demonstrate your public speaking skills. Even in your first year you will have opportunities for videos. For example, we will ensure that at least one of your required oral argument in the Spring are recorded. You can then request your video and edit to create a short clip highlighting your appellate argument.

  5. In the sample portfolio you will find a list of classes offered at Drake that provides information on which classes generally have elements that will provide video or written materials you can use in your portfolio. The Career Development Office also has tip sheets on editing videos and information on how you can record video in the Drake classrooms and request it for editing.

Collaborative Process

The E-Portfolio project is designed to be a collaborative process between you, your faculty advisors, and the Career Development Office. Work with your advisors to create your profile, and do no hesitate to ask questions as you move forward.

Portfolio Certification Forms can be found on the registration forms page of this website.

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