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At Drake Law, we expect the best from our students. To help you meet that expectation, we strive to provide our students with everything they need to achieve excellence: participation in an acclaimed legal clinic and a trial practicum for first-year students; internships and clerkships in the heart of the state capital's legal community; and centers for agricultural law, constitutional law, intellectual property, legislative practice, and children's rights.


Agricultural Law Center

   About the Center
   Faculty & Staff
   Institutes & Conferences

Constitutional Law Center

   About the Center
   About the Faculty
   Constitutional Law Symposium
   Distinguished Lecture Series
   Judge James Grant Iowa Constitution Lecture Series    Recent Publications

Intellectual Property Law Center

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   Upcoming Events
   Innovative Curriculum
   Research and Publications
   News and Press Releases


Legislative Practice Center

   About the Center
   Certificate and Curriculum
   Where Are They Now?

Middleton Center for Children's Rights

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   Faculty & Staff
   Web Resources

Neal & Bea Smith Legal Clinic

      Children's Rights Clinic
      Criminal Defense Clinic
      Elder Law Clinic
      General Civil Clinic 
      Transactional Business / Nonprofits Clinic

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