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Drake Journal of Agricultural Law

Drake is the only accredited law school in the nation where students publish a legal journal focusing solely on agricultural law issues. The journal features articles written by professors, lawyers and students. They analyze new legislation, review case law and explore cutting-edge concepts.

Articles by the Director

Recent articles by Director Neil Hamilton include:

Keeping the Farm and Farmer in Food Policy and Law, from Journal of Food Law & Policy, (Volume 11, No. 1, Spring 2015)

The 2014 Farm Bill: Lessons in Patience, Politics, and Persuasion, from Drake Journal of Agricultural Law, (Volume 19, No. 1, Spring 2014)

How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm after Baur v. Baur Farms, Inc.? An Analysis and Defense of the "Reasonable Expectations" Stardard for Iowa Oppression Cases, from Drake Journal of Agricultural Law, (Volume 18, No. 3, Fall 2013)

Harvesting the Law: Personal Reflections on Thirty Years of Change in Agricultural Legislation, from Creighton Law Review, (Volume 46, August 2013)

America's New Agrarians: Policy Opportunities and Legal Innovations to Support New Farmers, from Fordham Environmental Law Review, (Volume 22, Fall 2011)

Farming an Uncertain Climate Future: What COP 15 Means for Agriculture, from University of Illinois Law Review, (Volume 2011, Number 2)

Farms, Food, and the Future: Legal Issues and Fifteen Years of the "New Agriculture", from Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation, (Volume 26(1), 2011)

Moving Toward Food Democracy: Better Food, New Farmers, and the Myth of Feeding the World, from Drake Journal of Agricultural Law, (Spring 2011)

Feeding the World's Future: Agrarian Justice and the Rule of Law, from Drake Journal of Agricultural Law, (Fall 2008)

Feeding Our Green Future: Legal Responsibilities and Sustainable Agricultural Land Tenure, from Drake Journal of Agricultural Law, (Summer 2008)

Rural Land and Rural Livelihoods: Using Land and Natural Resources to Revitalize Rural America, from Drake Journal of Agricultural Law, (Spring 2008)

One Bad Day: Thoughts on the Differences Between Animal Rights and Animals Welfare, "First Impressions" the on-line version , see 106 Michigan Law Review 138 (April 2008)

Emerging Issues of 21st Century Agricultural Law and Rural Practice, from Drake Journal of Agricultural Law, (Spring 2007)

Food Democracy II: Revolution or Restoration?, from Journal of Food & Law Policy, (Spring 2005)

Food Democracy and the Future of American Values, from Drake Journal of Agricultural Law, (Spring 2004)

Force Feeding: Inventorying New Legal Issues in the Biotechnology Policy Debate, Prepared for the Biodiversity, Biotechnology, and Protection of Traditional Knowledge Conference, Washington University School of Law, (March 2003)

Selling to Institutions: An Iowa Farmer's Guide, by Robert Luedeman & Neil D. Hamilton, (January 2003)

The Law of Food: Eight Questions Shaping America's Food Policy, An Essay for the VII International Agricultural Law Congress, sponsored by the Union Mondiale Degli Agrarisi Universitari - UMAU - the All World Union of Agricultural Law Professors, Pisa, Italy. (Novemeber 2002)

Putting a Face on Our Food: How State and Local Food Policies Can Promote the New Agriculture, from Drake Journal of Agricultural Law, (Summer 2002)

Farmer's Markets Rules, Regulations and Opportunities, National AgLaw Center Publications (2002)

Right-to-Farm Laws Reconsidered: Ten Reasons Why Legislative Efforts To Resolve Agricultural Nuisances May Be Ineffective, 3 Drake J. of Agricultural Law 103 (1998).

Plowing New Ground: Emerging Policy Issues in a Changing Agriculture, 2 Drake Journal of Agricultural Law 181 (1997)

Greening Our Garden: Public Policies to Support the New Agriculture, 2 Drake Journal of Agricultural Law 357 (1997)

Reaping What We Have Sown: Public Policy Consequences of Agricultural Industrialization and the Legal Implications of a Changing Production System, 45 Drake Law Review 289 (1997)

Tending the Seeds: The Emergence of a New Agriculture in the U.S. 1 Drake Journal of Agricultural Law 7 (1996)

State Regulation of Agricultural Production Contracts, 25 Univ. of Memphis Law Review 1051 (Spring 1995)

Agriculture Without Farmers? Is Industrialization Restructuring American Food Production and Threatening the Future of Sustainable Agriculture? 14 Northern Illinois University Law Review 613-657 (1994)

Why Own the Farm if You Can Own the Farmer (and the Crop)?: Contract Production and Intellectual Property Protections for Grain Crops, 73 Nebraska Law Review 48 (1994)

Who Owns Dinner: Evolving Legal Mechanisms for International Control and Use of Plant Genetic Resources, 28 Tulsa J. Int'l Law 587 (Summer 1993)

Feeding Our Future: Six Philosophical Issues Shaping Agricultural Law, 72 Nebraska Law Review 210 (Spring 1993)

Articles by Center Staff

Sallee v. Stewart: Iowa Supreme Court Addresses the Recreational Use Statute, Edward Cox, (2013)

A Lease-based Approach to Sustainable Farming, Part II: Farm Tenancy Trends and the Outlook for Sustainability on Rented Land, Drake Journal of Agricultural Law, Edward Cox, (Spring 2011)

Making the Connection Between Nutrition and Agriculture
, Catholic Rural Life, Susan L. Roberts, (Fall 2003)

School Food: Does the Future Call for New Food Policy or Can the Old Still Hold True?, 7 Drake J. Agric. L. 588 , Susan L. Roberts, (2002)

Hunger in Iowa, Susan L. Roberts, September (2003)

Hunger in Iowa, Susan L. Roberts, (April 2002)

Women: The Key to Food Security, Susan L. Roberts, (December 2001)

Center Publications

The Legal Guide For Direct Farm Marketing (1999).
A Farmer's Legal Guide to Production Contracts (1995).
Iowa Crop Producers Environmental Law Guide (1992 & 1994).
A Livestock Producer's Guide to: Nuisance,
Land Use Control, and Environmental Law (1992)
What Farmers Need to Know About Environmental Law (1990).

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