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The Center annually hosts distinguished agricultural law scholars to teach Drake law students and share their unique cultural perspective on food and agricultural law. The Lorvellec International Food Law Scholar teaches Drake law students and shares their unique cultural perspective on food and agricultural law.

This year the Center welcomes Vanessa Fisher González, an Agricultural Judge in Costa Rica and completing her PHD in “Human Rights, Politics and Sustainability” in “Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Studi Superiore e Perfezionamento” in Pisa, Italy (June and July).

She has taught “Agricultural Law” in the University of Costa Rica and also conducted a research as fellow in the ”Istituto di Diritto Agrario Internazionale e Comparato”, in Florence Italy, in 2006. She participated in the International Conferencist in Marocco and Italy in 2007 and 2008.

As part of the PHD program in Sant’Anna School, students must do research abroad at Universities worldwide related with their topics. Thus, during this summer at Drake, Vanessa Fisher has done research for her doctoral thesis at the Agricultural Law Center and the School Law Library under the guidance of Professor Neil Hamilton. She has also been a guest-student in the summer course “Social Responsibility in Food and Agriculture”, taught by Professor Michael Roberts. Judge González is pictured here at the farm of staff member Matt Russell.

In 2007, the Center hosted two visiting scholars focusing on rural development.

In January, Drake University Law School named former Iowa Gov. and then Democratic presidential candidate Tom Vilsack as visiting distinguished professor of law for the 2007 calendar year. Gov. Vilsack taught a May interim course with Prof. Hamilton focusing on legal issues relating to rural development and renewable energy.

Professor Domenico Viti, University of Foggia (Italy) taught Rural Development in the European Union: Food, Agri-Tourism, and Renewable Energy in October. The course examined the role of European Union laws and regulations relating to rural development in Europe, with special attention to the role of food, tourism and renewable energy. Prof. Viti is pictured here with Ray Gaesser, past president of the Iowa Soybean Association, in a field in Taylor County.

In 2004, the Center welcomed French attorney Jean Christophe Boze to Drake Law School as the inaugural Lorvellec International Food Law Scholar. Professor Boze taught a course on geographical indications to Drake law students and consulted with universities, non-profit organizations, and businesses in the U.S. during his year at Drake.

Jean Christophe can be contacted at or

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