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About the Director

Mark Kende is the James Madison Chair Professor of Constitutional Law and Director of the Drake Constitutional Law Center. Kende earned his B.A. cum laude with honors in Philosophy from Yale University, and his J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School where he was a member of the Law Review. Prior to entering academia, he clerked for a federal judge and litigated employment, civil rights and constitutional cases at a Chicago law firm where he worked with Barack Obama. He has co-taught constitutional law classes with two current U.S. Supreme Court Justices.

Kende previously taught at Notre Dame Law School, the University of Montana School of Law and the University of Tennessee Law School. He was Teacher of the Year at Montana in 2002-2003. He has served as a Senior Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor of Law at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, as a Fulbright Senior Specialist in the former Soviet Republic of Moldova, and as a Visiting Professor at the University of Paris II - Pantheon. He has lectured or published scholarship in Canada, China, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (as a rule of law consultant), France (at the University of Paris I - Sorbonne), Germany, Spain, South Africa, the United Kingdom (at Oxford University), and throughout the United States. In 2003, he served as chair of the Association of American Law Schools Section on Africa. In 2008, he served as chair of the Section on Constitutional Law. He also co-directs a Law & Society Research Network on Africa.

Kende’s writings have appeared in publications such as Constitutional Commentary, the South African Law Journal, the Hastings Law Journal, and the Notre Dame Law Journal. He is also the co-author of a casebook, Theater Law, and was one of the authors of Courting the Yankees, Legal Essays on the Bronx Bombers.  Professor Kende's book, Constitutional Rights in Two Worlds, South Africa and the United States, was published by Cambridge University Press in Feb. 2009. For a sample of articles by Professor Kende, please visit the Social Science Research Network.

Selected Publications by Professor Kende

Constitutional Rights in Two Worlds, South Africa and the United States: Introduction Chapter, CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS IN TWO WORLDS, SOUTH AFRICA AND THE UNITED STATES, Cambridge University Press, 2009
Free Exercise of Religion: A Pragmatic and Comparative Assessment, University of South Dakota Law Review, Vol. 55, p. 412 (2010)
Teaching Comparative Perspectives in the Domestic Constitutional Law Class: A Step by Step Primer Journal of Legal Education, Vol. 61, p. 310
The Constitutionality of New Contempt Powers for Federal Magistrate-Judges, Hastings L.J., Vol. 53, p. 567, 2002
The U.S. Supreme Court, the War on Terror, and the Need for Thick Constitutional Review, Mississippi Law Journal, Vol. 80, No. 4, 2011
Truth Commissions Versus Prosecutions: An African Perspective, SECURITY, RECONSTRUCTION, AND RECONCILIATION, Muna Ndulo, ed., University College London Press, 2007

About the Faculty

Miguel Schor is a professor of law at Drake. He was the Visiting Director of the Drake Constitutional Law Center in 2010-2011. After graduating from law school, Professor Schor clerked for a federal district court judge in Louisiana and for the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. He then practiced law in New Orleans before deciding to ride his bicycle across the United States and embark on a graduate program in Latin American Studies. Professor Schor's research interests have focused on comparative constitutionalism and how law might facilitate development and democratization. His scholarship has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian. He is currently working on an edited book with Professor Gary Jacobsohn titled Comparative Constitutional Theory. He is also working on three articles and a monograph. The articles are titled “Constitutional Dialogue and Judicial Supremacy,” “Why a Written Constitution? Two Conceptions of Constitutionalism,” and “American Constitutionalism in Comparative Perspective.” The monograph is a comparative study of American constitutionalism called “The Constitution From the Outside In.”

Selected Publications by Professor Schor

The Once and Future Democracy: Argentina at the Bar of Constitutionalism, The Social and Political Foundations of Constitutions, Denis Galligan and Mila Versteeg eds., Cambridge University Press, 2012
Contextualizing the Debate Between Originalism and the Living Constitution, Drake Law Review, Vol. 59, 2011
Rule of Law, Encyclopedia of Law and Society: American and Global Perspectives, David Clark ed., 2007
The Strange Cases of Marbury and Lochner in the Constitutional Imagination, Texas Law Review, Vol. 87, No. 7, p. 1463, 2009
An Essay on the Emergence of Constitutional Courts: The Cases of Mexico and Colombia, Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, Vol. 16, No. 1, 2008
Judicial Review and American Constitutional Exceptionalism, Osgoode Hall Law Journal, Vol. 46, p. 535, 2008
Mapping Comparative Judicial Review, Washington University Global Legal Studies Law Review, Vol. 7, pp. 257-287, 2008
Squaring the Circle: Democratizing Judicial Review and the Counter-Constitutional Difficulty, Minnesota Journal of International Law, Vol. 16, p. 61, 2007
Constitutionalism Through the Looking Glass of Latin America, 41 Tex. Int'l. L.J. 1, 2006; Constitucionalismo en América Latina: Consolidando el Estado de derecho, 15 Metapolitica 80, 2000

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