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Intellectual Property and the Right to Science

Fordham University School of Law
October 26, 2013
As part of the 2013 International Law Weekend, this panel brings together distinguished panelists to discuss the nature, scope and meaning of the right to "enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its applications." Conducted in a roundtable format, this panel is sponsored by the Committee on International Intellectual Property of the American Branch of the International Law Association, chaired by Peter Yu.

2014 Intellectual Property Scholars Roundtable

Drake University Law School
March 28-29, 2014
This interdisciplinary roundtable brings intellectual property and technology law scholars from around the world to the Drake campus. The event provides academics with a forum for sharing their latest research and an opportunity for peer networking. More information is available here. For participation in this invitation-only event, contact Peter Yu at peter.yu@drake.edu.

12th Annual Chinese Internet Research Conference

"Situated Practices on China's Changing Internets: From the Users of Mobile ICTs and Apps to Weibo Posters and Social Networkers"
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
June 20-21, 2014
Having the world's largest online population of close to 600 million, China's Internet developments have emerged as one of the most exciting, yet challenging research areas. Co-founded in 2003 by Peter Yu, this annual conference features multidisciplinary presentations from communications scholars, policy analysts, industry leaders, journalists and legal practitioners from around the world. More information is available here.

6th Annual Conference on Innovation and Communications Law

School of Law, University of Leeds, U.K.
July 2-3, 2014
This conference focuses on the role intellectual property and communications laws play in the dissemination of information. Launched in July 2008, this annual event is jointly organized with the University of Turku Faculty of Law, University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law, Michigan State University College of Law and the IPR University Center in Finland.

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