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The following testimonials are provided by leading scholars in the intellectual property field and the past visiting scholars of the Drake Intellectual Property Law Center: 

President Wu Handong (吴汉东), Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (Wuhan, China)

"In the era of knowledge economy, the implementation of IP law will affect a country's economic development, scientific and technological innovation, and cultural and educational prosperity. Against a background of economic globalization, the protection of IP rights is also related to exchange and cooperation in the fields of international politics, international trade and international culture. The LL.M./M.J. Program in Global Intellectual Property Law will help develop IP lawyers and professionals, facilitate educational exchange, and promote the development of IP industries around the world."


Prof. Yoshiyuki Tamura (田村善之), School of Law, Hokkaido University (Sapporo, Japan)

"In the globalized world with liberalizing trade and highly advanced technologies, the protection of IP rights on the global, regional and national levels is vital to many fields of industries that are based on creative and innovative human activities. The protection of these rights is a crucial issue in the Asia Pacific Region, where the trade in advanced technologies and copyrighted goods is highly intensive and where the largest importers and exporters of IP goods and services are located. The importance of and controversies related to such protection can be seen in the recent negotiation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, where IP issues are hotly debated."

Prof. V.C. Vivekanandan, Ministry of HRD IP Chair Professor, NALSAR University of Law (Hyderabad, India)

"The LL.M./M.J. Program in Global Intellectual Property Law at Drake University Law School is truly contemporary and will shape the aspiring candidates as thought leaders in IP policy making. The programme designed to reflect the diverse dialogues of East and West will prepare the future international lawyers and scholars for the global challenges of IP. The programme will deliver the promised outputs with Prof. Peter Yu at its helm, along with his global network and insights on global IP developments. I will recommend this programme for those who desire to teach, research and practice IP in different spaces of the globe."

Prof. Denis Borges Barbosa, Brazilian Intellectual Property and Innovation Academy and Public Policy Program, Institute of Economics, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

"I have known Professor Peter Yu for a number of years and have spoken at a major event organized by the Intellectual Property Law Center at Drake University Law School in Des Moines. I have also been closely following Professor Yu's authorial and editorial contributions, as well as his Center’s activities, in their pursuance of a multicentered perspective of law, technology and creation, in a world where Brazil, China, India and other rising economies have become more and more important. I understand that those issues, as well as the intellectual property aspects of agriculture and the related sustainable development concerns, may be particularly studied and researched as part of the Drake LL.M./M.J. Program in Global Intellectual Property Law."

Prof. Xie Huijia (谢惠加), Law School, South China University of Technology (Guangzhou, China) and Visiting Scholar, Drake University Law School (2011)

"The director of the Drake LL.M./M.J. Program in Global Intellectual Property Law Prof. Peter Yu enjoys a worldwide reputation. He has established close relationships with international IP organizations as well as with famous IP professors. I believe Prof. Yu will bring you the world's top teaching resources and give you a global insight. The tradition of small classes at Drake University Law School will assure you full interaction with professors from around the world."

Prof. Tian Xiaoling (田晓玲), Law School, Chongqing Jiaotong University (Chongqing, China) and Visiting Scholar, Drake Law School (2012-2013)

"As a visiting scholar I like the academic environment here. The professors are professionals in their fields and teach very well. They try hard to give students many opportunities to get involved in law practice and are always ready to answer your questions. I believe the Socratic dialogue-based teaching method will be both challenging and beneficial to students from abroad."

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