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About the Center

As the spectrum of law opportunities expands, more students are exploring careers in government service at the federal, state and local levels where legislative and administrative policies are set. Recognizing this, the Center for Legislative Practice combines classroom study with hands-on experiences to help students understand law-making processes.

Equipped with a thorough background of the legislative process, students are prepared to work for administrative or government agencies, to research and draft legislation, to represent businesses and organizations with government interests, or to work in a variety of other public policy-making positions.

The Center began in the Fall of 1998 and offers students hands-on experiences at Iowa's State Capitol for second- and third-year students. Drake's proximity to the State Capitol as well as other state and federal offices, trade associations, union headquarters and public interest group agencies means our students have numerous opportunities to learn firsthand how these institutions operate. Students who satisfy the class and internship requirements receive a Legislative Practice Certificate.

2nd year students with Senate President Pam Jochum
2Ls with Senate President Pam Jochum

Student-centered, practice-oriented...different by design.

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