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Children's Rights Clinic

The Children's Rights Clinic furthers the training and public service goals of the Middleton Center. Through the clinic, third year Drake law students practice for a year in juvenile court under the supervision of an experienced clinical professor. Students help identify and research public policy issues, and then draft proposed legislation. The Drake Legislative Practice Center works on passing the proposed legislation, and students have the opportunity to assist in this process for credit.


Law students can experience the juvenile law system from different perspectives through Juvenile Law or Center internships. The Juvenile Law interns can be placed in a variety of legal settings including the Attorney General's office, Public Defender's office, County Attorney's office, the Department of Human Services, the Youth Law Center, clerk to a juvenile court judge, or with other agencies involved in juvenile justice. Center interns work on center projects geared towards community needs.


Students research the issues, draft legislation and accompanying documents, and submit the proposed legislation to the board for comment and approval. The Drake Center for Legislative Practice submits the legislation to one of its board members, who is a licensed lobbyist, to try to get it passed. Students can sign up for extra credit to work with the lobbyist.


The Center aids the courts by sponsoring training and Continuing Legal Education Programs. Programs include legal and judicial practice, the latest scientific research in the field of juvenile law, and legal aspects of abuse and neglect cases for other service providers.

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