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James Albert, Professor
271-2061 james.albert@drake.edu

Violeta Aleman, Legal Assistant
271-4044 violeta.aleman@drake.edu

Ann Allen, Associate Director of Admission 
and Financial Aid 
271-2059 ann.allen@drake.edu

Jerry Anderson, Dean; Richard M. and Anita Calkins Distinguished Professor
271-2658 jerry.anderson@drake.edu

Kara Blanchard, Assistant Dean, Admission and Financial Aid
271-2953 kara.blanchard@drake.edu

Debra Booth, Administrative Assistant; West Bay
271-2947 debra.booth@drake.edu

Shaunarae Bury, Legal Assistant
271-3852 shaunarae.bury@drake.edu

Andrea Charlow, Professor
271-2066 andrea.charlow@drake.edu

Kayla Choate, Alumni Affairs & Communications Coordinator
271-4958 kayla.choate@drake.edu

Hunter Clark, Professor
271-2063 hunter.clark@drake.edu

Amy Cutler, Administrative Assistant,
Student Services
271-2824 amy.cutler@drake.edu

Lorena Dahl, Legal Assistant
271-3857 lorena.dahl@drake.edu

Susan Dittmer, Budget & Office Manager
271-2058 susan.dittmer@drake.edu

Laurie Doré, Ellis and Nelle Levitt Distinguished Professor
271-4126 laurie.dore@drake.edu

Matthew Doré, Richard M. and Anita Calkins Distinguished Professor
271-4136 matt.dore@drake.edu

John D. Edwards, Associate Dean for Information Resources and Technology; Library Director; Professor
271-2142 john.edwards@drake.edu

Jerry Foxhoven, Executive Director of the Neal & Bea Smith Legal Clinic; Associate Professor
271-2073 jerry.foxhoven@drake.edu

Sally Frank, Professor
271-3909 sally.frank@drake.edu

Anthony Gaughan, Professor
271-2060 anthony.gaughan@drake.edu

Neil Hamilton, Emeritus Professor of Law; Emeritus Director for the Agricultural Law Center 
271-2065 neil.hamilton@drake.edu

David Hanson, Electronic Resources Librarian; Associate Professor of Law Librarianship
271-2077 david.hanson@drake.edu

Bill Hennan, Assistant Dean for Student Services; Director of Continuing Legal Education
271-2955 bill.hennan@drake.edu

Denise Hill, Health Law Program Director and Visiting Associate Professor
271-2035 denise.hill@drake.edu

Terri Howard, Administrative Assistant
271-3985 theresa.howard@drake.edu

Sara Hughes, Administrative Assistant
271-2988 sara.hughes@drake.edu

Shontavia Johnson, Kern Family Chair in Intellectual Property Law; Director of the Intellectual Property Law Center; Professor
271-2075 shontavia.johnson@drake.edu

Andrew Jurs, Professor
271-2067 andrew.jurs@drake.edu

Mark Kende, Director of the Constitutional Law Center; James Madison Chair; Professor
271-3354 mark.kende@drake.edu
Erin Lain, Associate Professor of Law; Assistant Dean for Academic Services
271-2040 erin.lain@drake.edu

Kristi Longtin, Administrative Assistant; East Bay
271-2952 kristi.longtin@drake.edu

Chip Lowe, Clinician in Residence
271-1808 chip.lowe@drake.edu

Rebecca Lutkenhaus, Reference Librarian; Associate Professor of Law Librarianship
271-2053 rebecca.lutkenhaus@drake.edu

Krista Magill
, Administrative Assistant
271-2057 krista.magill@drake.edu

Cathy Mansfield, Professor
271-2076 cathy.mansfield@drake.edu

Nicole McAllister, Major Gift Officer 
271-1877 nicole.mcallister@drake.edu

David McCord, Associate Dean; Professor
271-2069 david.mccord@drake.edu

Christine Miller, Administrative Assistant, Admission
271-4194 christine.miller@drake.edu

Keith Miller, Ellis and Nelle Levitt Distinguished Professor
271-2071 keith.miller@drake.edu

Jessie Neal, Public Services Associate; Library
271-3759 jessica.neal@drake.edu

Brent Pattison, Director, Middleton Children's Rights Center; Associate Clinical Professor
271-1810 brent.pattison@drake.edu

Lori Richman, Administrative Assistant, Student Services
271-4511 lori.richman@drake.edu

Robert Rigg, Professor
271-3928 robert.rigg@drake.edu

Jonathan Rosenbloom, Professor
271-4164 jonathan.rosenbloom@drake.edu

Matthew Russell, Resilient Agriculture Coordinator
271-4956 matthew.russell@drake.edu

Miguel Schor, Professor
271-4184 miguel.schor@drake.edu

Danielle Shelton, Professor
271-2866 danielle.shelton@drake.edu

Julie Smith, Assistant Professor of Law and Director of the Legislative Practice Center

Michael Spoerl, Technical Services Associate; Library
271-2051 michael.spoerl@drake.edu

Jody Stagner, Administrative Assistant; Admission
271-2782 jody.stagner@drake.edu

Heather Storms, Access Services Associate; Library
271-4960 heather.storms@drake.edu

Maura Strassberg, Professor
271-2068 maura.strassberg@drake.edu

Julie Thomas, Technical Services Librarian; Associate Professor of Law Librarianship
271-2052 julie.thomas@drake.edu

Carole Tillotson, Assistant Director of Career Development
271-4974 carole.tillotson@drake.edu

Allan Vestal, Professor
271-3865 allan.vestal@drake.edu

Karen Wallace, Circulation/Reference Librarian; Professor of Law Librarianship
271-2989 karen.wallace@drake.edu

Melissa Weresh, Professor
271-3926 melissa.weresh@drake.edu

Ellen Yee, Professor; Director of International Programs
271-1914 ellen.yee@drake.edu

Jennifer Zwagerman, Director of Career Development; Associate Director of the Agricultural Law Center
271-4119 jennifer.zwagerman@drake.edu

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