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To create an ExpressO account and/or submit an article, complete the following steps. Note that ExpressO should never request credit card information from you. If prompted for such information, back out and contact Law School IT for assistance.

1.  Type into the address bar of a web browser. 

2. Select the Start Your Submission icon.

3. Either log-in or select the Create a FREE account link.

4a. If an existing user, skip to step 9
4b. If a new user, complete the fields with the appropriate information…
     a. Once finished, click the Sign up button

5. You’ll then receive a confirmation message from ExpressO.

6. Open the designated email provider associated with your ExpressO account, select the message sent by,  which should look similar to:

7. Once successfully logged in for the first time, you will see a screen similar to below…click the HOME icon.

8. This will take you to the ExpressO Homepage; select the Start Your Submission icon

9. Click here to begin the article submission process.

**Important Notice**
NEVER provide credit card information to EspressO. If EspressO prompts you for a credit card, immediately cease submission and contact Megan Flynn.

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