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Computer Selection

Faculty and staff are free to select any brand of computer for personal use; however, Drake Law IT recommends a Windows-based computer to achieve the greatest compatibility with products and services, both online, at home, and within the Law School. Faculty and staff might wish to select a HP computer because of the educational discounts available to Drake along with extended support plans. Recommended computer models and pricing is available at http://www.hpdirect.com/academy/drake.

Faculty with Macs could face difficulties performing certain tasks that Windows users can readily achieve, such as creating Table of Authorities or utilizing common research tools. Mac users will also encounter difficulties in remotely accessing and modifying documents on the Law School's servers.  Faculty contemplating computer purchases should be aware of these considerations.

Tablets are becoming common in every day use. Faculty and staff looking to purchase a new computer may wish to consider a HP Envy x2 running Windows 8 to achieve best in class hardware that doubles both as a tablet, for ease of portability, and as a laptop, for use when a full keyboard is beneficial.

Microsoft Office

Drake University provides Microsoft Office to current faculty and staff for $12.50. The product can be purchased from the University Support Center located in the lower level of Carnegie Hall. Faculty do not need to select an Office Productivity Pack or word processing solution when buying from HP or other manufacturers.

Anti-Virus and Spyware

Many new computers come with trial editions of anti-virus and anti-spyware software. As trial versions near expiration, rather than pay for such software, a number of free alternatives exist that can be used instead. Faculty and Staff should make use of one of the products below to protect their computers.

Windows Mac OS X
Microsoft Security Essentials Sophos Anti-Virus
AVG-Free Anti-Virus  

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