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2015-2016 - Faculty Speaker Series/Brown Bag Luncheons*

Presentations will be held in the Faculty/Staff Lounge

and are open to faculty and staff only.


Sept. 2

Visiting Professor Flavian Zeija
Senior Lecturer/Head, Department of Business
Makere University Business School, Uganda
Time: Noon

Sept. 29

Professor Allan Vestal
Topic: "The Other Lawyer in the Courtroom: The Prosecutor in To Kill a Mockingbird"
Time: Noon

 Nov. 3

Assistant Dean Erin Lain
Topic: "A Phenomenological Case Study: The Law School Environment as Experienced by Academically Dismissed Black and Latina/o Law Students"
Time: Noon

Nov. 10

Professor Anthony Gaughan
Topic: "The 40-Year War on Money in Politics: Watergate, FECA, and the Future of Campaign Finance Reform "
Time: Noon

January 14

Professor Miguel Schor
Topic: "What Foreign Readers Might Learn from The Federalist"
Time: Noon

February 25

Professor Jody Swilky (English Dept.)
Topic: Writing Across the Curriculum Workshop
Time: Noon
Location: Room 201

March 23

Professor Shontavia Johnson
Topic: Teaching Online Course
Time: 12:30 p.m.



* Additional speakers will be added.

Faculty are encouraged to participate. Please advise if you are working on an article or project which you would like to present.

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