Check E-mail Off-campus
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Accessing Email Via the Web

Faculty and staff may access their Drake email using the University's webmail interface. To check your email from any location, visit
  • In the username field, enter your e-mail address (example:
  • In the password field, enter your campus password
  • Click the Log In button.
When finished, be sure to Logout.

Accessing Email Via BlueView

Alternatively, faculty and staff may login through blueView,  then click the Email and Calendaring icons to access email. To login to blueView, use your nine-digit Drake ID as the username and your campus password in the appropriate field.

Email Security

The Law School's website and your Drake email will be the official means of communication for any campus matters, making it imperative that you reference the Law School's website for news or events and check your Drake email account regularly. 

Messages sent and received using your Drake email account are scanned for viruses, keeping you and your computers safe.  Providers such as MSN Hotmail and Yahoo may not include this service without added expense. 

Last Modified: 6/17/2011 4:26:00 PM by Megan Flynn