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Professor of Law

Areas of Expertise

Professional skills, clinical education, Women's Rights


M.A. Clinical Legal Education-Antioch University
J.D. New York University School of Law
A.B. Princeton University


Drake Professor since 1990
Clinical Fellow, Antioch
Law Clerk, Judge Emily Goodman, Civil Court, Manhatten
Clinical Associate Professor, New York Law School

Selected Publications

"The Key to Unlocking the Clubhouse Door: The Application of Anti-Discrimination Laws to Quasi-Private Clubs," 2 Michigan Journal of Gender & Law 27

"Eve Was Right to Eat The Apple: The Importance of Narrative Theory to the Art of Lawyering," 8 Yale Journal of Law & Feminism 79

Significant Accomplishments

"Freedom Speaks, Freedom of Association v. Antidiscrimination," Nashville Public Television

"Women & the Law: from Love Connection to Divorce Court," Princeton University lecture

Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Iowa Rules of Evidence

Hardees Hometown Hero Award (human rights)

International Board of Women of Reform Judaism since 2005
Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism

Iowa representative to the national board of the American Civil Liberties Union

Board of the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa since 2001

The Constant Struggle for Justice

"It has been said, 'Justice is a constant struggle'. From an early age, I learned the truth in that quote. As a child, I watched nightly news reports of William Kunstler and others defending the Chicago 8 and dealing with a judge and prosecution intent on jailing them because they opposed the policies of the United States government. I also saw the movie, "Inherit the Wind," depicting Clarence Darrow's defense in the Scopes trial of a teacher's right to teach evolution. Together, they inspired me to be a lawyer to fight for the rights of protesters, for freedom to dissent and for the protection of the oppressed.

As a lawyer and law professor, I have represented protesters frequently. I also have represented victims of discrimination and poor people in housing, family law and domestic abuse cases. Both in my teaching and my practice, I have tried to help the disenfranchised. With constant struggle and good preparation, lawyers can work toward the restructuring of the system and the attainment of justice.

This is the work of the public interest lawyer. We see the problems of the system and work with our clients and others to achieve justice for them and for society as a whole. It's a massive undertaking, but gratifying work. And sometimes, we even win."

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