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Brief Template  (Must have Word 2010 for PC or Word 2011 for Mac)

Brief Formatting PowerPoint Presentation (PowerPoint)
Brief Formatting Slides (pdf)

All Users
Setting Tabs with Dot Leaders in Word - Create a TOA/TOC Manually

For PC Word 2007/2010 Users
Formatting Your Brief in Word 2007/2010 - Step-by-Step Guide - Includes page numbering instructions.

For Mac Word Users
Numbering Sections in Word 2011 for Mac - Step-by-Step Guide

Arabic and Roman Numbering from
Creating Dot Leaders in Word for Mac from

Word Tips: Table of Authorities/Table of Contents for Word 2008 from University of Washington Law Library

Creating a Table of Authorities (Word 2011) from

Creating a Table of Contents (Word 2011) from Microsoft Office:Mac
Creating a Table of Contents (Word 2011) from

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