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Brief Template  (Must have Word 2010 for PC / Word 2011 for Mac or later edition)

Brief Formatting PowerPoint Presentation (PowerPoint)
Brief Formatting Slides (pdf)

All Users
Setting Tabs with Dot Leaders in Word - Create a TOA/TOC Manually

For PC Word 2007/2010 Users
Formatting Your Brief in Word 2007/2010 - Step-by-Step Guide - Includes page numbering instructions.

For Mac Word Users
Numbering Sections in Word 2011 for Mac - Step-by-Step Guide

Arabic and Roman Numbering from
Creating Dot Leaders in Word for Mac from

Creating a Table of Authorities (Word 2011) from

Creating a Table of Contents (Word 2011) from Microsoft Office:Mac
Creating a Table of Contents (Word 2011) from

Word Count - Found in the Review Tab (PC) or Tools (Mac). Highlight from Statement of the Case to the signature block in the Conclusion.

Soft Return - When you have a long title and need to split it up between two lines, you press Shift+Enter to insert the soft return.

The best method to solve any formatting problem is to come to my office in the Library - Room 165 by the Information Desk.

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