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Job Description

A Law Library Student Desk Supervisor must be a Drake law student who has completed at least one full semester of law school, including successfully completing the first semester of Legal Research and Writing and submitting the Legal Research and Writing brief. The Desk Supervisor should also have received training in Westlaw and LexisNexis. The library will only hire students in good academic standing (not less than a 2.0 GPA).  Because the Desk Supervisor represents the library and the law school, the student should have a friendly, professional demeanor. Excellent oral communication skills are essential. 

The Desk Supervisor is responsible for circulation and reserve room operations, photocopier maintenance, and computer troubleshooting. During times when the Desk Supervisor is the only library staff person on duty, he/she is also responsible for handling facility maintenance and security problems. The Desk Supervisor is expected to handle basic reference requests, referring more complex requests to appropriate full-time library staff. Desk Supervisors who work early mornings, nights, and weekends have additional responsibilities. Desk Supervisors work under the direct supervision of Reference Librarian Rebecca Lutkenhaus. Other Public Services Department staff members also provide indirect supervision.


Before beginning work, Desk Supervisors are required to undergo approximately three hours of paid training.

Hiring Process

Desk Supervisors are hired periodically as positions become available. While applications are accepted at any time through this web form:, candidates will not be contacted for an interview until an open position is available.

Please direct resumes and questions to Rebecca Lutkenhaus (


After you submit your application and a position becomes available, you may be contacted to arrange a time for an interview. The interview will last approximately 30 minutes and is very informal. It is not necessary to dress up.

Sinclair Award

The Drake University Law Library established the Sinclair Award in the spring of 2007 in memory of Cyrus Sinclair, a 2L desk supervisor who passed away in February 2007 after a long battle with sickle cell anemia. The award is an honor bestowed annually (if merited) upon a Drake University Law Library student desk supervisor.


Commitment to the Drake University Law Library and student colleagues. Demonstrate excellence in the following areas: know and follow the library’s policies and procedures; volunteer for extra shifts; willing to substitute for other student desk supervisors.

Courteous, friendly, and professional demeanor in all dealings with colleagues and patrons. Consistently demonstrate: courtesy, respect, friendliness, helpfulness.

Effective communication with supervisors and colleagues. Consistently practice prompt, clear communication and always ask for clarification or follow up if unsure.

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