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Form Books

Form Books provide sample forms or sample drafting language and information about their use. These examples can help you get started drafting. You’ll want to make sure you understand the relevant primary law and demands of your jurisdiction and adapt forms accordingly. Some of the larger and more popular form sets in the Drake Law Library are listed below. 

American Jurisprudence Legal Forms 2d
This set offers more than 22,000 legal forms arranged alphabetically by topic. It includes research references, drafting guides, notes on use, and a separate Federal Tax Guide to Legal Forms. It has a multi-volume general index.

American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms
This set includes thousands of litigation forms with procedural timetables and drafting checklists. There is a multi-volume general index.

Bender's Forms of Discovery
The set includes sample interrogatories arranged alphabetically by subject along with a text that covers discovery more broadly. There are separate indexes for the forms and the text.

The Essential Formbook: Comprehensive Management Tools for Lawyers
Reserve KF318 .M85 2000
This four-volume set provides forms related to conducting legal business. It covers partnership and organizational agreements; client intake; fees, billing and collection; human resources; file management; firm financial analysis; disaster planning and professional liability.

Federal Procedural Forms
KF8836 .F4
This set offers forms for federal judicial and administrative matters. It includes references to primary law and research resources and has a multi-volume general index.

Gale Legal Forms
This database offers access to a variety of forms, including real estate contracts, wills, premarital agreements, leases, business sales, and many others. (Off-campus access requires Drake credentials to log in.) 

Iowa Code Annotated (or Code of Iowa or Iowa Rules of Court)
Ready Reference, Iowa Wing KFI4230 (or KFI4729. A2)
The Code of Iowa and Iowa Rules of Court both include some Iowa-specific forms. The easiest way to locate these, however, is to use the index to the Iowa Code Annotated, which also reproduces forms from both the Code and the court rules.

IowaDocs Form Manual
Reserve (Information Desk) KFI4268 .I6 2005
The Iowa State Bar Association produces this collection of sample Iowa legal forms. The library has a paper set. Individual practitioners can also purchase it electronically from the ISBA as fill-in forms (IOWADOCS).

Iowa Rules Civil Procedure Annotated forms volumes
KFI 4729.A315 W4
Although no longer being published (the last update was released in 2002), these books may still provide a useful starting point for drafting civil procedure forms.

Nichols Cyclopedia of Legal Forms Annotated
KF170 .N5
Forms are preceded by background text and notes, research and drafting aids, and a drafting checklist. The set has a multi-volume general index and a table indicating forms relevant to different Internal Revenue Code sections.

West’s Federal Forms
KF8836 .W4
In addition to detailed examples of federal forms (most taken from real practice), the set offers a fair amount of commentary to guide the practitioner as well as background on federal court structure and processes. The volumes are organized by court: Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, District Courts, Bankruptcy, Admiralty, National Courts, and Tax Court. There are separate volume indexes for each court as well as a single volume general index.

West's Legal Forms 2d
Arranged by area of law, this set offers a variety of legal forms with commentary, analysis, checklists, and research references. Each subject has its own index; there is also a multi-volume general index.

Other Books

Books on particular legal subjects may also contain related forms. See the library's Practice Materials guide for a list of other sources to consider, notably the Iowa State Bar Association manuals and the Iowa Practice Series

In the library catalog, locate other works with forms, by a) doing a subject search for Forms (Law) or b) doing a catalog search that includes “forms” in the “words or phrase” box and a word describing your subject in either the subject box or another “words or phrase” box.

Government Forms on the Web 

A number of Web sites offer legal forms, including government sites, which should be reliable. Some of these sites are listed below; others can be found by searching court and state sites.

Iowa Court Rules and Forms from the Iowa Judicial Branch
See left-side menu for links to forms in nine categories, including family law, juvenile law, small claims, civil procedure, probate, and more.

Iowa State Bar Association Forms for the Public
Freely available for the public, the ISBA offers forms for a living will, medical power of attorney, and patient’s authorization to release information. Additional forms are available for members only, or in hard-copy from the Drake Law Library.

Iowa Department of Human Services Forms
Includes forms related to background checks (child abuse), cash assistance, child support, food assistance, medical assistance, and more.

Iowa Motor Vehicle Registration 

Iowa Secretary of State Business Forms

Iowa Tax Forms 

Iowa Vital Records: Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates and Death Certificates Information on obtaining copies of certified records.

Federal Court Forms for the Northern District of Iowa 

Federal Court Forms for the Southern District of Iowa 

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Forms for the Northern District of Iowa 

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Forms for the Southern District of Iowa 

U.S. Court of Appeals Forms for the Eights Circuit 
This site provides access to forms issued by federal agencies. It does not include all available forms, but does offer thousands of them, searchable by agency, sub-agency, form number, form name, and keyword.

Internal Revenue Service Tax Forms and Publications 

Other Forms on the Web

These directories and commercial sites offer access to a wide variety of legal forms, some for free and some for a fee. In addition to the standard precaution about ensuring you understand the relevant primary law and demands of your jurisdiction and adapt forms accordingly, review the Web site critically, considering reliability, currency and other criteria. More information about evaluating Web sources is available on the library's guide to Effective Web Searching

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Internet Legal Research Group Legal Forms Archive 

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