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This guide lists the titles of major legal publications and the shelf section in which the publication may be found in the library. The end of each shelf section is numbered and labeled with the call numbers housed in that section. In many areas, the shelf sign also includes the abbreviations of the publications shelved in the section.

First Floor

Shelf Sections 1 – 17

Second Floor

Shelf Sections 18 – 83

Second Floor, Iowa Wing

Shelf Sections I-1 – I-12

Third Floor

Shelf Sections 84 – 111

Lower Level

Microforms; Historical Collection

Reserve: The reserve collection is located behind the Information Desk. Please request desired volumes from Information Desk staff. The online catalog indicates that an item belongs in the reserve collection with a location of Reserve Desk or Information Desk in the location field, seen in the details view.

Ready Reference: The ready reference collection is located by the library lobby desk.

Reference: The reference collection is located on the shelf immediately to the south of the numbered shelves on the first floor (by the photocopy machines).

Index Tables: The index tables are located on the east side of the first floor. The index table area includes numerous computer terminals as well as bound volumes.

Iowa Wing: The Iowa wing is located on the west side of the second floor. Shelf section numbers in the Iowa wing are preceded by a capital “I” (e.g. I-4).

Tax Room: The tax room is situated at the west end of the Iowa wing. It is an octagonal room containing most of the library's tax materials.

Government Documents: Most of the library's print federal government documents are on shelf sections 8 through 17 on the north end of the first floor. More government documents are available in microform. Federal government documents in both formats are arranged by SuDoc number, which proceeds alphabetically and then numerically. There is a small collection of Iowa government documents located in shelf section 17. Ask at the Information Desk if you need assistance in locating any title.

Microforms: All microforms are housed in the library's lower level in Room LL03. Ask at the Information Desk for assistance in using this collection.

Journals: The most recent issues of journals are kept on reserve. Ask at the Information Desk to obtain these issues. Older journals (typically published at least one year ago) are bound and housed on the east side of the second floor. Many journals are also available electronically (See full-text electronic journal finder) or on microfiche. Ask at the Information Desk if you have questions about where to find something.

State Materials (Other Than Iowa): State reporters are grouped by state and arranged in alphabetical order by state name on the third floor in shelf sections 100-107. State statutes and digests (when available) are grouped together by state and arranged in alphabetical order by state name on the third floor in shelf sections 93-99. State Attorney General opinions are in microfiche format and can be found in Room LL03 on the lower level.

Note on Re-Shelving
To assist other library patrons, please re-shelve books when you are finished using them. The volume numbers and binding of reporters and periodicals make this fairly easy to do. Books that are not re-shelved will have to be handled by library staff members, which could make them unavailable to other researchers for several days. If you cannot find the materials you need, please ask library staff for assistance.

Note on Circulation
Like most law libraries, much of the library's collection consists of reference materials that must be readily available for researchers and therefore cannot be checked out. Eligible patrons may check out the circulating materials in the collection at the Information Desk.
For more information, see the library's circulation page or inquire at the Information Desk.

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