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Law Library Maps

The four levels of the library are designated as lower level (LL), first floor (1), second floor (2), and third floor (3). Print maps of the Law Library are available in the literature rack in the library lobby and posted on each floor, near the stairs. 

Finding Library Materials

A detailed Locator Guide (PDF), available in print in the literature rack, lists major titles and their locations.

For more complete access to the library collection, use the online catalog, which can be searched to find precise locations of books, journals, and other library materials. When using the catalog, note which library (Cowles or Law) holds the item, the location, and the call number

Library catalog screenshot:

Catalog Location Example

For information on finding journal articles in electronic databases, see the library's Articles page.


  • Bound Periodicals: east side of second floor (bound journals shelved alphabetically from south to north) 

  • Compact Shelving: storage location on lower level. Ask staff for assistance.

  • Government Documents: lower level shelf sections L-8 through L-18. More government documents are available on microform. 

  • Index Tables: tables east of the reference shelves on the first floor that contain the Restatements.

  • Information Desk: just inside main library doors on first floor. Request desired volumes from Information Desk staff.

  • Iowa Reference: either side of the first table in the Iowa Wing on second floor.

  • Iowa Wing: west side of the second floor where call numbers KFI 4200 to 4799 are shelved. Shelf section numbers in the Iowa Wing are preceded by a capital "I" (e.g. I-4).

  • Journals: older bound journals - east side of second floor. Most recent on reserve.

  • Library Lobby: DVD shelving by the east windows just inside main library doors on first floor.

  • Lower Level: lower level shelf sections L 1-8.

  • Microform Room: Microfilm/microfiche are housed in lower level room LL03.

  • On Display: Currently in one of the library's displays, but typically still available to check out. Ask at the Information Desk for assistance.

  • Ready Reference: library lobby, opposite the Information Desk on first floor.

  • Reference: by photocopy machines on first floor, on the shelves immediately to the south of the numbered shelves.

  • Reserve: behind Information Desk, just inside main library doors on first floor. Request desired volumes from Information Desk staff.

  • Stacks: the shelves on first through third floors that are not part of a special collection area. The stacks are organized from south (closest to Information Desk) to north on each floor. Call numbers with a location of Stacks, Tax Room, Iowa Reference, or Iowa Wing can be found on the following floors:

    A to KF 135 (to Atlantic Digest) - first floor
    KF 135 (North Eastern Reporter) to KF 9999 - second floor (KF 6200 to KF 6999 in Tax Room on second floor)
    KFI 4200 to 4799 - Iowa wing on second floor
    KFA to KFZ - third floor (excluding KFI Iowa materials)
    KG to Z - third floor

  • Tax Room: octagonal room at west end of the Iowa wing on second floor where call numbers KF 6200 to KF 6999 are shelved. 
Other Room Locations

Conference rooms and study rooms are located in several locations throughout the library. See the rooms page for more details on rooms and reservations. (Law faculty, law staff, officially recognized law school student organizations, and law students needing a room for a class assignment requiring them to create a videorecording may make reservations.)
The first floor also houses:
  • reference librarian offices, rooms 165, 166, 167, 169, and 178 
  • the library administration office, room 153, and director's office, room 154
  • the interlibrary loan office, room 155 (ILLs may be picked up and dropped off at the Information Desk)
  • the IT help center, room 174
The second floor also houses:
  • the Perkins computer classroom, room 261
  • the Selvy classroom, room 282
  • the Computer Lab, room 260
  • the Faculty Study Room, room 284
The lower level also houses:

This library is a congressionally designated depository for U.S. Government documents. Public access to the government documents collection is guaranteed by public law. (Title 44 United States Code)

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