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Opperman Hall offers numerous areas for study and work. Tables, chairs, sofas, carrels, small study rooms, and large conference rooms are also available for law student use.

Carrels and Tables

The library offers over 200 study carrels that current Drake law students may reserve for the academic year or the summer term. Assigned carrels are labeled with the student’s name. For more information about reserving carrels, please see the Carrel Reservation page or ask Information Desk staff.

Non-assigned carrels and tables are open for the use of all library patrons. The lights attached to the carrels and tables do not automatically turn off. Please switch these off when you are through with them.

Study Rooms

The Law Library offers 20 small, locked study rooms to provide law students an option for a secure, semi-private study space. The use of study rooms is a privilege. Users are expected to adhere to the following rules:
  • Currently enrolled Drake law students and Drake law graduates studying for the bar examination may check out study room keys from the Library Information Desk.
  • Students whose circulation privileges are not in good standing, e.g., those with library materials overdue by more than one week, will not be able to check out a study room key.
  • Users must leave their Drake ID when checking out a room key.
  • Keys will be checked out for a loan period of 5 hours.
  • If other study rooms are available for checkout, key checkouts can be renewed at the Information Desk. Renewals must be requested and will not be permitted if all study rooms keys are already checked out. 
  • Study room keys must not be taken out of the library. If a student has a study room key checked out and needs to leave the library, that key must be left at the Information Desk. (Upon request, desk staff can keep the key in a secure location.)
  • A student with a room checked out who needs to leave the library may get his/her ID back, upon request. That student will need to leave an alternate ID or write his or her name on a piece of paper to be left in the key slot.
  • Keys will not be checked back in until the student tells desk staff s/he is done using the room.
  • Users should not cover the glass on the study room doors.
  • Students must take all their belongings out of the study room before checking in the key. Study rooms will be cleared of materials and locked every evening.
  • Other library policies, including the food-and-drink policy, also apply to the study rooms.
Conference/Seminar Rooms

Nine conference rooms are available on the first floor (175 and 177), second floor (262, 267, 268, 269) and in the lower level (LL04, LL15, and LL16).  Conference rooms are kept unlocked.

If a room is not reserved, patrons may walk in and use the room on a modified first-come, first-served basis, with law students having priority over other patrons. 

See the rooms page for more details on rooms and reservations. (Law faculty, law staff, officially recognized law school student organizations, and law students needing a room for a class assignment requiring them to create a videorecording may make reservations.)

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