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Previous exhibits at Drake Law Library.

Spring 2015: Sara Walker

Sara, a graduate of the Drake Law School, was a faculty member of the Drake College of Business and Public Administration for twenty years, retiring in 2008. Many of her paintings are inspired by photographs taken by her husband David on trips they have made around the states and abroad. This exhibit displays a variety of paintings that she has done in oils.

Winter 2014: Larry James

Dwight W. James is a 1961 graduate of the Drake Law School and since that time has been active in the private practice of law in Des Moines as a trial lawyer and currently as a mediator of civil disputes. Although he is largely a self-taught artist, he has attended many workshops and classes. He paints primarily for personal enjoyment.

Fall 2014:Victoria L. Herring

Victoria L. Herring is an attorney in Des Moines, Iowa. She graduated from Drake University Law School in 1976.  About ten years ago Victoria began to take and sell images from a variety of world-wide travels. She also was juried into numerous art exhibitions and successful in several competitions.

Summer 2014: Katherine Lincoln

Katherine is a free-lance artist with, not only a passion for painting landscapes and still life, but also a love of portraiture. She has been employed at Cowles Library, Drake University for over 30 years, and currently works in The University Archives.

Spring 2014: Matt Storms

Matt Storms is a Des Moines native who graduated from Grand View College in 2006 with a double major in visual arts and graphic design. He was recognized as an Emerging Iowa Artist in the Des Moines Arts Festival in 2005 and 2006.

Winter 2014: Inmate Art Program

Art classes are provided for the women in the ICIW by artists devoted to seeing the lives of the incarcerated improve through the use of art. Inmates become aware of their ability to create beautiful artwork while improving their self-image, gaining confidence through decision making, problem solving, and the awareness of the effort and time required by themselves and others in the class, thereby improving their social skills.

Fall 2013: Tim Zarley

Mr. Zarley graduated from Drake Law School in 1998. He practices law at Zarley Law Firm in the area of Intellectual Property law. Mr. Zarley states, "One way that I have personally used to foster creativity is through art. While I have drawn most of my life, I am a self-taught artist who began drawing seriously my last year of law school. Now, not only do I use art as a creative outlet that provides relaxation and enjoyment, I find the process of seeing shapes and space forces me to use a part of my brain, a part that visualizes instead of thinking logically, which helps to develop my imagination. While most of my work entails graphite drawings, I also paint."

Summer 2013:Beth Ann Edwards

Beth Ann Edwards graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Drake University in 1999, with studio emphases in graphic design, drawing, and painting. She continues to work as a designer, writer, and project manager, and she maintains a painting and fine art studio. Her work has been exhibited at St. John’s Lutheran Church, Heartland Presbyterian Church, Plymouth Congregational Church, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Drake University, Fitch Galleries, East Village Art Consortium, Iowa State Fair, and with Jane 360 (a consortium of women artists). Beth Ann has consulted with churches on visual enhancement of worship space.

Spring 2013: Jonathan Rosenbloom

Winter 2013: Sara Walker

Sara enjoys painting a variety of subjects, including landscapes, still life, flowers and animals. Many of her paintings are inspired by photographs taken by her husband David on trips they have made around the states and abroad.

Fall 2012: Edward N. McConnell

Edward McConnell’s works represent some of his efforts in acrylic and watercolor. His favorite medium is watercolor, although he finds it to be the most unforgiving. Mr. McConnell states “Just like the practice of law, creative endeavors require planning, imagination and execution. Few activities give me more joy than to have a concept and to be able to develop it and bring it to life on canvass or paper.”

Summer 2012: Artis Reis

Artis Reis works in acrylic paint on canvas, using line composition and bright color to create pure abstraction. Judge Reis states “I love playing with colors, I love playing with shapes. I’ll get inspired by a certain shade of something and some idea will pop into my mind. I can come home at night and paint and a couple hours have gone by like its 5 minutes.” Judge Reis is transitioning from a full time District Court Judge to Senior Judge status July 2012. Judge Reis has strong ties to the Drake Law School, where she has taught in various capacities. In recent years, she has been an Adjunct Professor, teaching Pre-Trial Advocacy and Trial Advocacy. Before going on the bench, she was the Acting Director of the Drake Law School Legal Clinic.

Spring 2012: Robert Blink
Robert J. Blink, a Drake Law graduate, has been a trial judge in Polk County for seventeen years. He was a trial lawyer for twenty years before that. Judge Blink has been intrigued by cameras since boyhood. But photography became a significant interest for him with the advent of digital cameras. He is a self-taught photographer, just as he taught himself woodworking and how to sail. He enjoys the close study of lighting, perspective, exposure, angles, shapes, colors and depth of field. Photography appeals to his "detail oriented" personality which has served him well for many years in courtrooms.

Spring 2012: Sally Reavely
Ms. Reavely graduated from Drake Law School in 1988. She practices law at Whitfield & Eddy in the area of Health Law. "My journey into basket weaving started with the more traditional baskets that our ancestors would have woven. They were plain and utilitarian. No color, but sturdy and useful in their daily lives. I felt a true connection with those who came before us and other cultures who all have some type of “vessel” that is used for carrying water or other necessities. I began studying the history of baskets in the United States and then across the world. My husband and I travel extensively and it has become a mission to search out baskets or vessels from the countries we visit and to learn those techniques. In addition, I collect antique baskets and display them throughout my home."

Summer 2011: Laurayne Robinette
Laurayne Robinette grew up on a farm west of Blockton, Iowa. After graduating from Drake University in the summer of 1952 with a B.F.A., she taught school that first year, during which she married James D. Robinette, a 1951 graduate of the Drake Law School. Ms. Robinette states “Painting from observation of nature is a satisfying activity; painting with nothing being observed except what the paint is doing, without having a plan or preconception, and relying on the inner spirit to create a visual image without representing anything, a true creative act.” “I am always enthused about starting a new creative journey (painting), valuing the process over the product.” She has taken numerous Des Moines Art Center classes, concentrating mostly on oil painting. At times, she has taught students in her home studio. She continues to paint and work in mixed media.

September-October 2010: Victoria Herring

Ms. Herring is a Drake Law School grad and practices as an attorney in Des Moines. Part of what she has enjoyed about that profession is the chance to be creative, to further new views of the law. As she’s become more involved in the artistic field of photography, she’s found similar fulfillment, creating new views. Through her travel, she sees places which others have not yet visited or have visited, but wish a rendering of what it was which spoke to them. Her pictures tell a story of place and time. She is fascinated with architecture, patterns, line and color, contemplative vistas, and tries to see and capture something beyond a typical picture of them. Whether looking at people or places, the abstract components of color, line, pattern and uniqueness speak to her and through her photography.

July-August 2010: Mary Beth Edwards

Mary Beth Edwards attended Christian College (Columbia, MO) and the University of Missouri majoring in home economics. In 1988, after raising 3 children, she began taking art classes at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO. She particularly enjoyed the painting and ceramics classes. In painting, she finds abstracts most intriguing, especially when subtleness is used, and you find something new each time you examine the painting. “It’s as if you’re in another world when you’re involved in creating an art work,” Ms. Edwards explained.

June 2010: W. Ward Reynoldson

Justice Reynoldson served on the Iowa Supreme Court from May 1, 1971, to October 1, 1987. From August 3, 1978, until his retirement, he served as Chief Justice. He became a Senior Judge following his retirement.

Born at St. Edward, Nebraska, May 17, 1920, he graduated from the State Teachers College at Wayne, Nebraska, in 1942. Following service in the United States Navy during World War II [1942-1946] he graduated from the University of Iowa Law School in 1948. In that year he engaged in private practice at Osceola, Iowa, where he continued until coming on the Supreme Court. From 1953 to 1957 he was County Attorney of Clarke County.

He is a member of the American College of Trial Lawyers. He was president of the Conference of Chief Justices and the National Center for State Courts, 1984-1985.

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