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Printing is available from the computer labs, lobby computers, or personal laptops to Multifunctional Devices (MFDs). Printouts may be sent to printers in the labs or the follow-me printers/copiers on the first floor. 

Students can print to a MFD by uploading documents to the PaperCut WebPrint service from their laptop. Complete instructions on how to use the PaperCut can be accessed through the DTS printing support page.

To activate the follow-me printers/copiers a student can tap their Drake ID on the flashing card reader on the right side of each copier.  Students can type in their Drake ID number and password if they don't have their Drake ID with them. 

At the beginning of the fall and spring semester, each student is provided with a $20 credit towards printing costs. Students may purchase additional credit through Bulldog Bucks with Discover, Mastercard, or Visa.

Refunds:  Log in to the Papercut site and choose Recent Print Jobs from the left side menu. Find the failed print job from the list and choose the Request Refund option.

Lawyers and Visitors

Printing is available from the lobby computers. A guest copy/print card must be purchased for $1 in cash before printing. The guest copy/print card machine is located by the copiers/printers on the first floor. Detailed instructions for purchasing a guest copy/print card are located near the machine.

Additional printing credit can be purchased through the Virtual Card Acceptor with Cash, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa. Credit remaining on a guest copy/print card expires two years after last use of the card.

Detailed instructions on how to print are located by the visitor, Lexis, and Westlaw computers.


Single-sided Black/White: 5 cents per page
Duplex (Double-sided) Black/White: 4 cents per page
Single-sided Color: 25 cents per page
Duplex (Double-sided) Color: 24 cents per page
Scanning: Free

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