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The Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) tests knowledge of established standards of professional conduct for lawyers and judges. Administered three times a year by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), the test consists of 60 multiple-choice questions and lasts two hours and five minutes.

The NCBE MPRE site includes additional information about the exam, including test dates and registration deadlines, a description of key words and phrases used on the exam, subject matter outline, the 2009 Information Booklet (including sample exam questions), and more.

The following resources may also help you prepare for the MPRE.

Rule Compilations

ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct

ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct

ABA Compendium of Professional Responsibility Rules and Standards
Reserve KF 305 .A2 2008

Annotated Model Rules of Professional Conduct
Reserve KF305 .A26 2007

MPRE-Style Questions and Advice

2009 MPRE Information Booklet by the National Conference of Bar Examiners

Acing Professional Responsibility by Leslie Abramson
Reserve KF306 .A735 2009 

The MPRE Exam: Core Concepts and Key Questions
Reserve KF306 .M77 2008

MPRE Sample Questions from the National Conference of Bar Examiners
Reserve KF303 .M67 V6 2002

MPRE Ultimate Exam Prep by John Anderson
Reserve KF303 .A52 2007

Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) Review
Reserve KF306 .M85

Profesional Responsibility by Robert S. Feinberg
Reserve (shelved at Information Desk) KF306 .Z9 P76 2006

Professional Responsibility (Emanuel series) by James E. Moliterno
Reserve (shelved at Information Desk) KF306 .M652 

Professional Responsibility (CrunchTime Series) by James E. Moliterno
Reserve (shelved at Information Desk) KF306 .Z9 M65

Professional Responsibility by Ronald D. Rotunda
Reserve KF306 .Z9 R67 2008

Professional Responsibility by Richard C. Wydick for BarBri
Reserve KF306 .Z9 W92 2005
Stacks KF 306 .Z9 W92 2005

Profesional Responsibility/MPRE flash cards
Reserve 2007 edition
(Older editions also available for checkout at the Information Desk.)

Questions and Answers: Professional Responsibility by Patrick Emery Longan
Reserve (shelved at Information Desk) KF306 .Z9 L66 2007
(Older edition in the stacks at KF306 .Z9 L66 2003)

Siegel’s Professional Responsibility: Essay and Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers by Brian N. Siegel
Reserve KF306 .Z9 S53 2005

Strategies & Tactics for the MPRE by Lazar Emanual
Reserve KF306 .Z9 E63 2005

Supreme Bar Review: MPRE Review Lecture Outline & Released MPRE Questions with Answer Key by Stephen R. Lazarus
Reserve KF303 .S96 2006, with accompanying DVD 
(Older edition available in the stacks at KF303 .S96 2004)


ACTEC Commentaries on the Model Rules of Professional Conduct
Reserve KF306 .A865 2006

CALI professional responsibility lessons include "Sources of Law Regulating the Practice of Law," "Model Rules of Professional Conduct I: Preliminary Drill,"  "Model Rules of Professional Conduct II: Questions and Problems," and more. 

Legal Ethics in a Nutshell by Ronald D. Rotunda
Reserve KF 306 .Z9 R688 2007

Mastering Professional Responsibility by Grace Giesel
Reserve KF 306 .G544 2009

Professional Responsibility [2004 compact disc] by John S. Dzienkowski

Professional Responsibility [2007 and 2004 compact discs] by Erwin Chemerinsky

Professional Responsibility: Examples & Explanations by Wendel W. Bradley
Reserve KF306 .W46 2007
(Older edition in the stacks at KF 306 .W46 2004)

Professional Responsibility and Regulation by Deborah L. Rhode and Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.
Reserve KF306 .R468 2007

Restatement of the Law, Third: The Law Governing Lawyers
Reserve KF311 .Z9 R42 2000

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