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In addition to course readings, class notes, CALI exercises*, and sample exams, some students find study aids helpful in preparing for exams and learning the law. Speaking broadly, study aids include narrative descriptions of the law, outlines, and practice questions. (*Ask at the Information Desk if you have forgotten how to log on to CALI.)

The Law Library tries to maintain one or two copies of the most widely used study aids. Generally, the latest editions of Law Library study aids are available for two-hour, in-library checkout from the Information Desk. Older editions are in the stacks, available for regular check out.

If you would like to recommend a title for purchase or have materials to donate, please share them with desk staff or send them to Acquisitions/Reference Librarian Deborah Sulzbach. If you would like a personal copy, many of these materials can be purchased at the SBA Bookstore.

The Law Library's collection of study aids can be searched by subject, material type/series, or both in combination. Older (pre-2000) study aids have been omitted from the listings on this page.

  • Study aids are most effectively used as a complement to your own reading, class participation, and outlining. It may also be wise to check your syllabus or ask your professor for specific recommendations for review materials.
  • For bar examination review materials and other resources, please see separate guides: Preparing for the MPRE or Bar Examination Preparation.

    Search by Subject

    (In addition to the subjects listed below, you can also search the Drake Libraries catalog directly using "study aid" as a subject term together with any other search terms you would like to use.)

    Administrative Law
    Business Enterprises (includes B.A.)
    Civil Procedure
    Civil Rights
    Conflict of Laws
    Constitutional Law
    Consumer Protection
    Criminal Law
    Criminal Procedure
    Education Law
    Elder Law
    Environmental Law
    Ethics (Legal)
    Family Law
    Health Care
    Immigration Law
    Insurance Law
    Intellectual Property
    International Law
    Labor Law
    Land Use
    Products Liability
    Professional Responsibility
    Real Estate
    Trial Advocacy
    Wills and Trusts
    Workers Compensation

    Search for Audio Materials

    Compact discs or audiotapes
    Gilbert Law School legends (audio material)
    Sum and Substance (audio material)

    Search by Series

    Acing Law School - outlines, checklists, problems, summaries
    Blond’s Law Guides – outlines, flowcharts, case clips, mnemonics
    Black Letter Outlines (West) – outlines, Q&A (essay, review)
    Concepts and Insights – overview text
    Concise Hornbook Series - overview text
    CrunchTime – flowcharts, summaries, Q&A (essay, multiple choice, short answer)
    Emanuel Law Outlines – outline, summary, Q&A (essay, multiple choice)
    Examples and Explanations – overview with Q&A (a.k.a. examples and explanations)
    Friedman's Practice Series –Q&A (essay, multiple choice)
    Glannon Guides – brief overview and multiple choice questions
    Finals Law School Exam Series – outline, summary Q&A (multiple choice)
    Hornbook Series (West) – overview text
    Inside Series (Aspen) - overviews, FAQs, summaries
    Mastering Series (Carolina Academic Press) - overview, outline, review checkpoints
    Nutshells – succinct overview
    Law in a Flash (flashcards)  - Q&A
    Questions and Answers (LexisNexis) - Q&A (multiple choice, short answer)
    Siegel's   - Q&A (essay, multiple choice)
    Stories Series – background and insights into seminal cases
    Understanding Series – overview text

    Search by Combined Subject and Series

    The easiest way to search by both subject and series is by using the catalog search form. Enter the subject in the keyword field and the series in the series field.

    Please consult the library staff at the Information Desk for more information or assistance in finding specific materials.  

    Prepared by Karen Wallace, Circulation/Reference Librarian
    Drake University Law Library
    Last Revised: May 2009, KW
    Please feel free to e-mail the author with suggestions for improving this guide.

    Last Modified: 5/7/2009 11:24:00 AM by Karen Wallace