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Professor Provides Insight for Iowa Attorneys

Melissa Weresh, professor of law and director of legal writing at Drake University Law School, is now a regular contributor to The Iowa Lawyer. Each month Professor Weresh addresses issues of professionalism, communication and interpersonal dynamics in law practice. The Iowa Lawyer is published by the Iowa State Bar Association.

To see some of the most recent articles by Professor Weresh click on the titles below or go to
July 2009: Friend or frenemy? Friendship under false pretenses

June 2009: Twitter, tweet, twello: microblogging, multi-tasking, and ethical communication

May 2009: St. Peter and alternative billing structures: Will hours or value get us through the pearly gates?

April 2009: Cockroaches and exterminators: Alternative billing arrangements, ethics, and economics

March 2009: In-House Ethics Counsel: The Law Firm Equivalent of Auto Insurance?**

February 2009: Nope, it’s Metadata.**

January 2009: A Bold New Frontier -- To blog where no lawyer has blogged before**

December 2008: Chief Justice John Roberts' blog-style dissenting opinions garners mixed reviews*

November 2008: More e-mail tips -- e-tone, anonymity and social glue (FWIW)

October 2008: Help! My inbox has overflowed!*

September 2008: New brooms and clean corners (generational differences)*

**Reprinted and posted with permission from The Iowa Lawyer, Vol. 69, 2009.
*Reprinted and posted with permission from The Iowa Lawyer, Vol. 68, 2008.
Date Posted: 2/2/2009
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