Drake Law Professor’s Encouragement Leads to Student Influence on the Courts

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Peter Leo
Peter Leo, a 2010 Drake Law graduate, did not know the impact that his article “The Case for ‘Cramdown’: Eliminating the Practical and Ideological Barriers to Pure Mortgage Modification” would have as he composed it for his Consumer Protection Seminar during the fall 2009 term.

Professor Cathy Mansfield encouraged Leo to submit the article for publication, and it was ultimately published in the summer 2010 issue of the University of Miami Business Law Review. More notably, the article was recently included as one of six “Articles of Interest” in the January-February Eighth Circuit Library Newsletter. The newsletter was sent to every judge and law clerk in the Eighth Circuit and, according to Drake Law School Associate Dean Andrea Charlow, the article “will act as a model for judges and may influence them as they decide cases.”

Leo stated that he is hopeful his article will “persuade both judges and legislators to be mindful of the effect existing bankruptcy law and policy has on consumers of mortgage loans.” He also acknowledged the importance of Professor Mansfield’s help with the article and her encouragement to pursue publication.
Date Posted: 4/25/2011
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